Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Sleep is for whimps

Ok so maybe I am being sarcastic and a little bit delirious at the moment. Sleep though, it's such a precious thing to savor. Sleep is something that we have not gotten a lot of. While I knew having a baby that I wouldn't get my sleep, I didn't think that my 3 month old baby would be getting up 8 times a night. Yes you read that right, I got up 8 times Sunday night. You know, the night before you begin a new work week, the dreaded Monday.....let's just go to work sleep deprived also. In fact, I was so delirious from the lack of sleep, that one of the 8 times I got up that night Andy asked me if I was Ok. I responded, "No, I am going to die of sleep deprivation....". He said he was trying SO hard not to laugh at me. He reminded me the next afternoon about my comment and I can't help but laugh at my exaggeration.....but seriously when you are in the thick of the night with no sleep, you say silly things.

The Rock n Play, oh my goodness, I never knew how grateful I would be for that thing at 3 months of age until now....We owe my friend Ali SOOOOOOOOO much for letting us use her Rock n Play! It's the only way Luke will sleep once he is up in the middle of the night from a coughing fit.  I'm ok with him sleeping in it too because I get some sleep. It's a WIN WIN in my book! Get back with me at the age of 5 and find out if Luke is still sleeping in it.....HAHAHA! The only thing I wish, is that it auto rocked Luke to sleep instead of me sleepily rocking the rock n play while lying in bed. Hey Fisher Price, I'll test out the new Auto Rock n Play Sleeper for you if you send me one!! :) 

But then when the sun rises and you look into your baby's eyes, you forget how tired you are. And then he gives you the biggest gummy grin and you melt! Oh Luke, how I can never tire of your smiles!

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Jen said...

I love this and yay for the Rock n Play! :) His little gummy smile is adorable.

Ali said...

Sooooo glad the rock n play is helpful!! And oh my goodness, the things I would say to Ryan in the middle of the night......Ha!!

StephTheBookworm said...

Glad I got a rock and play from my baby shower registry! :) I can't wait to try it out.

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