Monday, December 15, 2014

Luke Andrew - 3 Months Old

Month - 3 Months Old, December 12th, 2014

Height - unknown at this time but I can guarantee at least another inch!

Weight - 14.08 pounds! (Up 2 more pounds from last month)

Diaper Size - 2 but I'm thinking we need to move you up to 3's here shortly....we just moved you up to 2's a month ago....

Clothing Size - all 6 month clothing!  3 month clothing is too short on your long legs!!  In fact, the 6 month sleepers are starting to get too short in the leggies for you and you will probably need to move to 9 month's a good thing that Grandma has some new 9 month jammies waiting for you for Christmas.  :)  HAHA!

Sleep - it's been all over the place.  Sometimes you sleep from 8pm to 4:30am and other nights you fall asleep at 8pm, wake up at 1:30am to eat then back to sleep until 4:30am when you eat and then we get ready for our day (this is during the weekdays).  On the weekends you will go back to sleep from 4:30am to around 7-8am.  Over the weekend of the 6th and 7th of December you have been dealing with a stuffy nose and cough.  The cough has been keeping you up more at night.  Usually you will wake up from the cough, babble a little bit and then fall back asleep.  Mommy knows you won't go back to sleep if you are crying though, so if you cry, that means you need a diaper change and a bottle.  What a good Mommy you have!  :) Daddy also gets up with you if Mommy wakes you up.  Most nights Mommy will get up with you because she wants too, but sometimes she wants to sleep, so Daddy takes you.  

Eating - 4-5 ounces of formula at each feeding.  He will eat anywhere from 3-4 hours at a time.  Just depends on the day.  With this cold you've been dealing with you've been eating sometimes even less.  Just depends.  As long as you are not dehydrated, I let you eat what you want and just keep an eye on you.

Likes - when it's time to eat, his pacifier "Bink", bath time and baby massages, mornings when he is the most happiest, car rides, his light up play mat, the light up mobile in his crib, being held, looking around when we are out shopping and he is awake, comfy cozy blankets, kisses from Mommy, people talking to you, Mommy singing silly songs to you and having you dance along

Dislikes - sitting in one place for too long, sitting in his car seat when the car is NOT moving, stuffy noses, coughing, getting his blood drawn, getting his nose un-stuffy, being tired, being hungry, being ignored

Firsts - Thanksgiving, stuffy nose/cough/cold, time being away from Mommy all day, being in daycare, trying out the jumper-roo, testing little dude for RSV (it came back negative), little giggles, "talking"/cooing a lot, sitting in the Bumbo, looking at the Christmas tree lights, 

Nicknames - Mr. Luke, bubba, little dude, little buddy, buddy, Mommy's baby, booger (isn't that awful that we call him that sometimes....), cutie patootie

Dear Luke,

You had a very eventful month.  You started daycare on November 17th at 9 weeks old. Mommy didn't want you to start so early, but we had no choice due to the overflowing medical bills that were coming in. That first day was rough for Mommy, but you handled it like a champ. You love all 4 of your teachers at daycare and smile lots for them. You also are dealing with your first cold, which absolutely breaks Mommy's heart. While you hate getting your nose un-stuffed, you handle it like a champ. We try to get it done as fast as possible. 

You still LOVE bath time with your Daddy. It is probably one of your absolute favorite times of the day. You know that around 7 PM we walk you upstairs to undress you. We wrap you up in your towel and call you a "Baby Burrito" and you smile and kick. Daddy then get the tub ready and washes you up. After the bath you lie on the rug and Daddy gives you "Baby Massages" with lotion and you absolutely LOVE it. There are no tears shed and lots of smiles are given. After your massage you get dressed in your jammies and then get your crazy hairs comed. Daddy then hands you off to Mommy where you are fed your bottle.

You nursed for the last time on November 12th at your 2 month birthday. Nursing wasn't going as well as I had hoped. It had nothing to do with you, it all had to do with my supply. You now take 6-8 bottles a day with 4-5 ounces of formula. I was able to pump and freeze some breast milk, so you've been having a bottle every other day of breast milk. We have a couple more weeks worth of breast milk until we are completely out. 

You love walks in your stroller, but the weather has not allowed this to happen. When winter is done and spring is here, I have a feeling that we will we walking around the neighborhood A LOT! We may even venture out to parks in the area for different environments to look at.

You are growing like crazy and are SUPER long! Currently you are wearing 6 month clothing but those 9 month jammies will probably be worn here shortly. I keep wondering when we will plateau so you can wear some of your clothes for longer than a couple weeks! 

You love it when people talk to you. Mommy likes to make a fool out of herself and talks to you all the time. We also love to sing and dance together. You like it when we sing silly songs and I use your hands and feet to dance with you.

I cannot get over that you are already 3 months old and that 2014 is almost over! Next year we will celebrate so many new things with you and I cannot wait to enjoy this journey with you. You are so loved little man by both your Mommy and Daddy and we can't wait to see the boy that you become. You have changed our lives forever and we are so grateful for you!


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