Friday, August 29, 2014


Today marks my husband's 30th birthday, or as is the words of him 29+1 because turning 30 to him is just weird.  He told me yesterday, "a third of my life is over"....insert pregnant hormonal wife who get's sad that he said that.  LOL!  I honestly have no idea what we are going to do tonight for him because he won't decide at this moment.  I want to take him to dinner somewhere but I am not choosing because it's not my birthday.  His choice and I have NO say on where we go.  I know he wants to get a good beer or two and quite frankly he deserves it. He has had to work the last 2 weekends and has been on call since last Friday with alerts that have been going off non-stop.  Shoot, if he wanted 4 beers, I'd let him!  :) 

When Andy and I first started talking it all started with Facebook.  We actually worked together at Best Buy back in 2006 and lost touch after we both quit there.  I wouldn't say we were friends working there either, he was just a guy I worked with.  He worked in the Geek Squad and I was a Front End Senior who would be over in the same area as the Geek Squad and Customer Service.  In 2009 I think I friended him and we started to chat every once in awhile on facebook messanger.  Our first hang out or "date" was on  August 23rd, 2006.  You know how I know that exact date?  Because it was a Sunday and I had just gotten back from the lake and Andy was going to take me to see "The Hangover" and to dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings (his favorite). While we were hanging out I had found out that his birthday was the following Saturday, the 29th and had NO plans that day.....what!?!!  No plans for a birthday is not an option.  So I told him we are celebrating his birthday, no if, and's or but's about it.  :)  We decided on us and our friends getting together at Fast Eddie's.  Eating good food and drinking is something he thought sounded fun.  That night of the 29th we had a lot of fun and I even got some fun photos of him and I tipsy (which is a rarity for me since I don't like to drink).  

I would like to say that the rest is history, but it wasn't.  I went to Vegas about a week later and the day came home he broke my heart by saying he didn't want a girlfriend, he wanted to concentrate on school, blah blah blah.  Literally broke my heart....BUT I decided on calling him 5 days later to see if he wanted to be friends (SUCKER) and right there the rest is history.  :) I will give myself a pat on the back for that one.  HAHA!!  

I don't give him a lot of credit for what he does, but he really does deserve a lot of credit.  We have a relationship that was built on trust (never lie to one another) and we both help each other out around the house.  Just because the lawn is "a man's work" doesn't mean I can't help cut the lawn and just because laundry is "a woman's duty" doesn't mean he can't help me with it.  He will do the dishes, he will make dinner if I have no desire to (which is most of the time since I've become pregnant).  He puts up with my crazy, emotional state and knows that I need a lot of reassurance in that he won't leave me.  Never once has he made me feel like I am not wanted by him.  We do fight (what couple doesn't) but we still work things out and get through those issues.  Last year when we lost our first pregnancy, he was such a strong rock in my life and I never thought we would have had to go through what he did.  It made me fall in love with him all over again and I will never forget how great he was through it all.  I could have easily slipped into depression after the loss, but he is what took me from being depressed to being ok with what happened because everything happens for a reason.  

Sometime in the next 2 weeks we will become parents and are taking the next step in our relationship.  I have NO doubt in his abilities in being a Father and know that he will do an amazing job in helping raise our son.  

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY Andrew!  You are the most important person in my life and I thank god everyday that he brought us together.  Without you, I don't know where I would be today.  I love you with all my heart!
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:) I hope he has a very very Happy Birthday!!!

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What a sweet post!

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