Wednesday, December 3, 2014

How can I squeeze in one more thing in my day?

This week marks 3 weeks back from maternity leave and its really starting to hit me how much I am missing Luke.  Time just flies by and work is really dragging me down.  

Our routine is the same every morning Monday through Friday: 

4am(ish) - Luke wakes up to eat and we change him into his "day" clothes

5am - my alarm goes off and I get in the shower

5:50am - we are out the door and head to daycare

6am - Luke is dropped off at daycare

6:40am - Andy is dropped off at work

7am-3:30pm - I am working

3:50pm - Andy is picked up

4:30 - Luke is picked up

5pm - dinner is being made and eaten

7pm - Luke gets a bath and bottle

8pm - Luke is passed out in bed

8-9pm - watch TV or just go to sleep

Start day all over again around 4am.....

I don't know if it's starting to hit me how hard it is to get things done around the house during the week or if my post-pardum body is starting to bother me.  Am I lazy?  I wouldn't exactly say I am lazy. I just have 10 million other things to do.  Do I want to workout?  Yes!  But I'd rather spend what little time I get with little dude rather than work out.... I'm just really at a loss of words in how to get everything done in one day that I want to get done.  For now I am going to leave you with a photo of my little guy because he's the only thing I can think of right now.
Fell asleep with "angry eyebrows"
 photo greysignature_zps937d4ad0.png


StephTheBookworm said...

It sounds really, really tough and I will be going through the same thing soon enough! Sorry to hear about how stressful it all is and I hope things settle down soon.

Jen said...

You are supermom! :)

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