Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve Eve and Christmas Eve Morning Adventures

Ya'll, I think I have lost my mind!  No seriously, where in the world did it go? Yesterday I had a doctor's appointment and while seeing my OBGYN isn't my favorite thing in the world, getting my appointment covered for free (thanks to hitting the deductible earlier in the year) is! My appointment was for 4:40 PM and I decided to stay at work until 4 PM. I thought that I'd rather get paid to sit around than get to the doctor's office really early and not get paid. I arrived at my exit on the highway 25 minutes later....I was still 15 minutes early and I knew he was really booked up and there was no way he would be able to see me on time. So I went into CVS to get a bottled water and walked around for 10 minutes. I then arrived to my doctors office at 4:38 PM and they ask for my name. I give it and the receptionist tells me, "He at the other office today".......UGH!!!! I'm pretty sure my face turned white because she told me not to worry and she would let the other office know that I am on my way. I arrive at that office at 4:50 PM. The receptionist asks me if I'm Jessica. I said yes, "I am the dummy who went to the wrong office...." She laughed and said it happens more than you would think. 

This morning was another realllllllly early morning for Luke. I'm not talking our usual wake-up time for work/daycare at 5am.....I'm talking 3:30 AM!!!! Buddy, you're killing Mommy with the 3:30 AM wake-up calls. I'm fine with giving a bottle, but PLEASSSSEEEEE go back to sleep. So this morning I was able to take a long shower, put makeup on at home (normally that happens at work), unload the clean dishes out of the dishwasher, load dirty dishes in dishwasher, clean cookie sheets, make coffee, feed the cat and take the dog out. Luke totally made up for the fact that he was up at 3:30 AM though, I was able to capture a photo of him and I and he is smiling in the photo!!!!! YAY!!!

Thanks little dude! You're so cute!!

Andy and I load us into the car along with Luke and we head to daycare at 6 AM like we always do. We arrive, get out of the car and we're stopped by the morning daycare teacher telling us that the daycare doesn't open until 7 AM today because it's Christmas Eve......uh for real?!??? So guess who came to work with Mommy today? I figured since I knew he would sleep at least half the time I am at work and several of my co-workers never got to meet Mr. Luke, that I would bring him in. Plus, I'm only working a half day AND I really wanted to make sure I was able to give my boss her Christmas/Birthday present. Currently little dude is sleeping and he can stay that way for as long as he would like! :) 

At 11 AM, I will be leaving work to go pick up Andy and we will be meeting up with our best friends Nick and Laura for lunch. They finally get to meet Luke and I know they are so excited to meet him! Then at 3 PM we will head over to my mom's house to celebrate Christmas with her and my family! So excited to see everyone and watch Jackson and Claire rip into their gifts. Next year Luke should be into Christmas too. :) 

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!!
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Jen said...

I'm sure Luke is happy being able to spend extra time with you today! :) Merry Christmas sweet friend!

Tara said...

Merry Christmas! Tis the season for losing our minds, haha :)

StephTheBookworm said...

Oh, what a hectic couple of days for you... yikes! My doctor has THREE different offices, which can be a pain! One of them is right in my town, but the other two are 20 and 30 minute drives so I hate when I have to go to one of those ones.

Love the smiling picture of him, and that he got to go to work with you! How fun!

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