Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Let's Try This Again....

Wow what a crazy 2 weeks it's been and I haven't blogged in quite sometime again. It makes me sad that I'm not blogging, but to be honest, I just don't have the time for it right now. I swear every time I pick up the laptop to blog the baby wakes up from his nap. So this blog post here is being written on the iPhone on my blogger app. I also have to add that I am not a fan of the blogger app either. It's hard to type on and it's glitches several times while I've tried typing up Luke's  Birth Story (yes I still plan on getting that out too!

Let's recap my weekend:

Luke had been sleeping in our room in the rock n play and Friday night Luke was extra crabby and refusing to fall asleep. Earlier that day I told myself and Andy that I was going to work on Luke sleeping in his crib starting next week (Sunday night). Well he just wouldn't go to sleep so I took him out of our room and rocked him for a bit. I set him down in his crib and he whined for about 5 minutes and then zonked out! Success!!! The rest of the night/morning he was up every 2-3 hours but at least we were moving in the right direction of having him sleep in his crib!! 

We needed to get out to Best Buy to do an exchange on my camera. Yes you read that correctly. My DSLR decided to not work on the day of Luke's birth (no joke). Andy tried turning on the camera and it wouldn't turn on at all. Of course the silly question of, "Did you charge the battery came up" but I had really charged the battery all night long the night before delivery. So needless to say on one of the most important nights of my life, we didn't have the good camera. Bummer. Good thing cell phone cameras are good quality now! So we get to Best Buy to do the exchange. We go over to customer service and I ask "Now with this exchange this is an even exchange and I want the same thing, so I don't have to pay the difference, right?" (Andy purchased the camera for $539.99 and the camera was now marked up to $599.99) She told me as long and I was even exchanging that it wouldn't be a problem. No less than 5 minutes after she says that, she then looks at the receipt and says we owe the difference. Uhhhh come again? I stand my ground and say no I will not pay a difference, please get me a difference. Manager on the radio says to let me even exchange it, UH DUH!! Why would I pay $60 more for a camera that broke for no reason of my own? Dumb!!

We also went to Babies R Us. I wanted to get a formula pitcher. I know, I sound ridiculous, but I was hoping since little dude is getting 90% formula that it would help with the gas bubbles in his bottles. We picked up the Dr Browns Formula Pitcher for $16.99 and then used a 20% off coupon and I had a coupon for a free Dr Browns Fall themed bottle!! Yes please!! 

The rest of the afternoon/evening little dude was quite crabby so we spentd it at home. You can't do much with your baby likes to cry. 


My family has a tradition of going to the pumpkin patch every year together and this year was no different. I plan on doing a post separate of the pumpkin patch for you all to read.  

We spent the rest of our afternoon/evening together as a family of 3. Dinner was a easy decision of French Toast Sticks. Thank you SAMs forsaking me addicted to those again...

I have to share this photo from Sunday morning. I had a bowl of cereal and let it sit on our side table for a bit while I just sat around for a bit watching tv. Andy was holding Luke and he was starting to get grumpy so I handed him the pacifier. Well Luke wanted nothing to do with the pacifier so andy set the pacifier down on the table or so he thought. It landed in the bowl of milk that was leftover. I laughed so hard. 

 photo greysignature_zps937d4ad0.png


StephTheBookworm said...

Yay, so glad you are back updating! I cannot get over how cute he is! What an absolutely adorable little guy you have.

I can't believe they tried to make you pay the difference for an even exchange on that camera. That is so ridiculous!

Yay for the crib sleeping! That is awesome news. I plan on using a bassinet in our room for the first little bit of time, then moving him to his crib after the first 2-3 months. I hope it is not a struggle.

Looking forward to his birth story and pumpkin patch post. I love going to the pumpkin patch. Jerry and I were supposed to go this past weekend but it got so cold here in NY!

April of A. Liz Adventures said...

He is adorrrrable and I can't wait to see the pumpkin patch photos :) I bet they turned out great!

Don't you love the free Dr. Browns themed bottles they give out time to time at Babies R Us?! We have a really cute Easter one.

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