Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Wednesday Randoms

  • It's a 2 cup 'o coffee day for this girl, Diet Coke will commence after lunch.....
  • I'd be OK with bedtime at 5 PM tonight...
  • Dear Baby Luke, I cannot wait until you get over this awful cold you are dealing with! I know you are so frustrated with coughing and I wish I could just take the sickies away from you and give them to me. 
  • Luke refused to fall asleep in his crib last night. Every time we would go in and "Bink" the baby, he would spit the pacifier out, cough and then cry because he was coughing....repeat. So I brought Luke into bed with me while I was watching TV. I was really wanting to go to sleep earlier but knowing that Luke wasn't sleeping, meant that Mommy wasn't going to go to sleep either. He slept on my chest like he had done as a newborn (seriously, when did he get so big!?!) for a little bit. I then had Andy pick him up and let him sleep in the Rock n Play in our room that night. I thought that him sitting upright would help him get the congestion out of his lungs and nose. I thought WRONG! I swear he slept worse last night than he had in previous nights. I don't know if it was because he was right next to me and I heard every single sound coming out of him or if he really was doing worse. 

  • The dilemma of keeping Luke home with a cold is just an awful dilemma....I decided that since he didn't have a fever that he should go in. My time off hasn't accrued back yet (I have very little time and need to save it just in case he is not allowed to be in daycare due to a fever). 
  • Why do people no longer have manners....I never hear "Please" or "Thank You" anymore and it's starting to become upsetting to me. I will teach Luke to use his manners, you can quote me here! The sad part of this, a LOT of my co-workers no longer have manners. I don't expect a red carpet for going out of my way 
  • Gas prices in St. Louis are AWESOME!!!!  I just got gas for $2.09 this morning!
  • My co-workers are killing me coming into work's like the plague is following me everywhere! Lysol, hand sanitizer and Emergen-C are my new best friend!  

  • I hit my 3 GB limit on my data plan with T-Mobile yesterday. I reset on the 12th which is only a day away. I am having a hard time believing that I did use all 3 gig's....I never hit 3 gigs when I was on with Sprint.
  • Can it be the weekend already?!??  Please??
And because he's just so gosh darn cute, a photo of my Luke!

 photo greysignature_zps937d4ad0.png


Jen said...

$2.09?! That is awesome, I paid $2.38 yesterday and I was stoked haha.

StephTheBookworm said...

Aww, hope he feels better soon!

Gas is $2.09 there?! Holy smokes! Our gas is $3.01. We do have a BJ's membership though, and gas there is $2.91 which I paid for this morning. I thought that was good, but now I am so jealous! LOL

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