Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Counting my Blessings!

I had every intention on posting a weekend recap on Monday, like I always do.  Instead I spent the day racking my brain over work and coming home feeling so tired and no desire to look at a computer for the rest of the night.  So for that, I apologize.  I will give you a glimpse into my weekend though:

Most of the night Friday night and a good portion of Saturday was spent cuddling on the couch with my fur-babies.  Smokey LOVES cuddling on my new blanket from Sams.  Every time I am downstairs on the couch and have my blanket on, he always jumps up and sleeps on my lap.  He has even been caught just lying on the couch by himself on top of my blanket!  Keeley wasn't feeling too well, her allergies were getting the best of her.  At one point on Saturday, I had Smokey to the left of me and Keeley to the right of me and both were taking a nice afternoon nap!  :)  It's safe to say, they both love me. {Like we didn't know that already}

I'm not going to lie.  Not everything has been all perfect as it may be portrayed.  I still have my down days and my diet has been really poor lately.  Don't even ask if I have been getting my veggies in, drinking water, and exercising.  Reason being, I just have no heart to do those things right now.  I try to get a walk in with Keeley every night, but there are some nights where I just don't want to get off of the couch.  I can tell that my waist is starting to feel my poor choices also.  I've started wearing my FitBit again, but sometimes it's just not possible for me to get out and walk on a lunch, especially on payroll days.  Sometimes I do get sad seeing all of these baby announcements and think, why can't that be me.  But then I am reminded that I do have a good life.  I have a husband who absolutely adores me.  I have a family who loves me so much.   I have 2 of the best fur-babies who love me unconditionally.  I have a job that is gaining me more and more experience in my job field.  I also have the comfort of knowing that my job isn't going anywhere anytime soon.  I have so many things in life that I am very thankful for and I remind myself just how lucky I am.


Jen said...

Hugs friend, I know how you feel regarding the baby announcements.

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