Monday, October 14, 2013

Great Weekend Wins for Sports!

What an amazing weekend of sports for Saint Louis and Missouri!!  While our household isn't a huge sports fan, we love the occasional sports game.  The best is seeing the teams live and in action.  We did manage to watch some of the Cardinals games on TV though since tickets are non-existent in the playoff season.

First, came the St Louis Cardinals!  
Currently we are in the NLCS playoff games against the Dodgers.  St. Louis played host for the first two games which took place Friday and Saturday.  We took WINS for both games!  2 more WINS and we are off to the Worlds Series!!  Lot's of celebrities were in town for the game too.  Andy Cohen (St Louis native and lover of the Cardinals), Magic Johnson (co-owner of the Dodgers) and even Jessica Capshaw (Dr. Arizona Robbins from Grey's Anatomy!) and I am sure more were here, just haven't heard of anyone else.  

Second, the Missouri Tigers (MIZ-ZOU) won their game against Georgia!  We are currently 6-0!  Amazing record for the Tigers and we even secured a spot in a bowl game this winter!  

Third, the Blues for a win over the Texas Rangers!  Our current record, 4-0-0!

Fourth, the Rams won (shockingly) against the Houston Texans!  38-13 final score!

What an amazing weekend it was for the sports teams of the Mid West!!

My weekend also included shopping (getting more and more Christmas shopping done every weekend!), spending time with Andy (and the many on-call alerts that he received over the weekend), and getting to spend some time with both his and my families!

I wanted to give you all an update on my "fitness" lately.  I have been having a hard time getting motivated, but the FitBit has been really great in helping me out.  I took a photo of each day for you all to see how I did for 6 days.  It wasn't too bad, but honestly, it could have been better.  Friday, I have NO excuse!  I didn't even go out to eat for lunch that day, I just didn't feel like getting up on my lunch and go walking.  
My plan this week is to get in as much walking in as I can!  Lunch walks are a must as usual, but it's a payroll week, which could make it tricky.  Tuesday the weather is calling for rain (70% chance) so I am thinking about switching up my walking and start with the 30 Day Shred again.  I am also thinking about tackling this every other day instead of everyday.  I burn out way too quickly on workouts and don't want to burn out too early with the 30 Day Shred like I did last month.  

How do you stay motivated with workouts?


Jen said...

You are doing great! It's hard sometimes to stay motivated with workouts, I just keep reminding myself that it needs to happen!

Linnea said...

I I have a hard time staying motivated too, but I have made it a habit to work out :Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. After a while it became habit and now I feel too guilty if I don't. You are doing a great job!

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