Friday, September 27, 2013

PB&J's for Dinner

Happy, Happy Friday!!

First, I would like to say that I have been super lazy this week.  Not for any reason, what so ever, just because I have no drive to do anything...Dinner's this week have been so basic and just plain silly.  In fact, I've had PB&J for dinner twice this week.  Yep, I am that lazy wife this week.  I've had ideas for blog postings all week long, but never got them up.  Even yesterday's post about TV was very minimal and lets face it, not very interesting at all.  

Second, I would like to say a Congratulations to my friend Ali!  She has been patiently waiting for her house to be built and today is signing day!  I am so excited for her family and excited to hopefully see the completed house sometime this weekend!!  :) 

Top Left: Andy and Keeley cuddling on the couch, Awwww!
Bottom Left: My fall/Halloween decor!  
Top Right: Taking the Keeley on a walk.  She is so happy!
Middle Right: New fall kitchen towels.
Bottom Right: Keeley and Smokey sitting next to each other.  Why you ask? Because I was eating ice cream! :) 

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Jen said...

I have been really lazy this week too! And all I have eaten is PB&J haha, mostly because Kyle isn't home.

Ali said...

Blog shout out!! ; ) We'll be HOME tomorrow till about 2ish. COME OVER!

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