Thursday, October 3, 2013

First attempt at homemade pasta sauce = FAIL!

How frustrating is it, when you are so passionate about trying something new and you fail at it?  That was my exact thoughts last night.  At work, we have a garden and since fall is here and the cooler weather is slowly coming upon us (at least I am hoping it is!), the garden of 2013 is coming to an end at work.  I asked my co-worker if there were any extra tomatoes left and he said there were.  He came into my office with a huge grocery bag full of tomatoes for me (SCORE!).  

The last 2 hours of work dragged on.  I was so anxious in trying to make my own pasta sauce for dinner on Thursday evening.  3:30 PM finally came and I headed home with my big bag of tomatoes.  I got home, let Keeley out, fed both fur-babies and changed my clothes;  I then got to work on my pasta sauce.  With fresh tomatoes you have to boil them for 1 minute, then dip the tomatoes in an ice bath and place onto a pan.  The skin easily falls off.  You then have to de-seed and de-juice the tomatoes....this is where I fail.  First, the smell of the tomatoes after boiling them is awful!  I love tomatoes, always have, but man the minute you boil a tomato, you will never look at a tomato the same way again.  In fact, got a little sick from the smell and texture of the tomatoes.  So, needless to say, homemade pasta sauce with fresh tomatoes, FAIL!  I didn't get past the de-seeding process and gave up.  

I planned dinner that night of BBQ pork tenderloin and corn on the cobb.  Andy unfortunately had to work an hour later, so I took it upon myself to grill.  Watch out now!  I sat in the garage with Keeley while we grilled.  Sometimes it's nice to just sit down and relax, and after my tomato fiasco, I decided I deserved some rest.  Andy came home and dinner was done 5 minutes later (how lucky is he!!).  I even took a photo and posted on instagram all about grilling on my own.  :)  The pork came out juicy, but I used too much dry rub seasoning.  The corn on the cobb was good, but I can tell the quality of the sweet corn is not there anymore.  It's a given now that fall is here and in Missouri you do not get much quality produce until the next year.  I tried, and that's all that counts.  

While driving into work yesterday, I sat in some horrendous traffic.  From the minute I hit the highway until 40 minutes later, I was in some really slow traffic.  The last 10 minutes of my drive was much better.  I decided on a dress for work and it decided to rain that morning.  Funny part is, when I got to work, it was bone dry.  No rain had fallen where my work was.  It ended up working out in the end.

My final comment of the day, is this adorable photo that showed up on my TimeHop app that morning, which I would like to call it, a Throwback Thursday photo!!  
This was 2 years ago.  Andy took this photo of Smokey, Keeley and myself snoozing it up one morning.  I LOVE this photo and am so glad TimeHop showed it to me.  I take tons of photos a year and sometimes, it's nice to find those photos takes years ago and relive those memories!!  I posted this yesterday on my Instagram also.  If you would like to follow me on Instagram, please click here.


Jen said...

De-seeding is such a pain!!!

Jamie said...

What a cute picture!

Jessica @ Better Together and Forever said...

Never again Jen, never again! :(

Jessica @ Better Together and Forever said...

Thanks Jamie! :) Hope you have a great weekend.

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