Friday, October 18, 2013


Oh how I LOVE Fridays!  I am not a fan of the going to work part (who is really), but I am excited that today is the last day of work and then two days off!  That means sleeping in, enjoying time with Andy and the fur-babies and lounging on the couch watching TV (of course the ever dreaded chores get in the way, but i'd rather clean than live in a pigsty).  The Cardinals are back in town for game 6 of the NLCS vs. The Dodgers, I am hoping that we kick their butt tonight and then we won't have to worry about a game 7 and go onto the World Series!!  :) Also, Friday for me is Lions Choice Lunch Day!  Lions Choice is a fast food place that serves amazing roast beef sandwiches.  I always go there on Friday for my one day out to eat because Andy isn't that big of a fan of it.

Okie doke, let's get to a Friday Favorite: High Five for Friday or 5 on Friday!


This photo need no explanation! :)

We decided to sit downstairs and enjoy some Big Bang Theory on the projector.  It was only 125"!  It is AWESOME!

Here is a real life comparison of the size of the screen, Andy is standing to the left.  He is 6 ft tall.  As you can tell, we are waiting to getting the tapping and mudding done of the drywall (hopefully that will start next week).  Then comes painting the walls, putting the floor in, installing trim, and then enjoy the hard work that Andy and his Dad put into the beautiful basement!


Finally got some Froyo last night! I ate the whole thing and didn't feel the slightest guilty about it!  In fact, I'd like another bowl of Froyo at this moment!  :)  We have the following flavors: Brownie batter froyo with caramel turtles and caramel sauce, coffee froyo with some more caramel turtles and caramel sauce, and peanut butter froyo with chocolate chips and brownie pieces.


Hahaha!  Twitter "war" with the radio dj on Y98 over who is the girlfriend of Justin Timberlake!  :)  I got a good laugh at work about it.  Don't worry Jill Devine, I won't stop listening to you.  :)   I took video of her talking about our twitter "war" also.  It was so much fun.

I posted this Wednesday on my instagram.  I got a photo of myself with Keeley and Smokey on the couch!  Granted I was just eating ice cream and they both wanted a taste, but it's a great photo non the less!  :)  Oh how I love those 2 cute aminals!!

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Jen said...

I am obsessed with Orange Leaf! We have one around the corner from our house and I want to go there everyday haha.

Mrs. K said...

You are sorta famous now! :) Also, that projection thing-a-ma-bob is awesome.

Megan Wade said...

Oohh huge BBT! Love it. I may or may not be dressing the hubs and myself as Sheldon and Amy for Halloween ;)

Falen @ Upward Not Inward said...

Love Big Bang Theory! And in that size - wowzer! Ha. I usually dress my froyo up in brownies and candy too. hahah.

Have a great weekend! Visiting from #H54F!


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