Wednesday, August 21, 2013

WIAW #23

Why say GOOD MORNING, when I can show it! :) 

This morning started off like all the others, tired and trying to roll myself out of the bed.....Smokey came and slept with me for a couple hours this morning too; he loves me, what can I say.  Andy wasn't feeling the best last night and is feeling a bit worse this morning.  Boo :(  I hope he is getting lots of rest and love from Smokey and Keeley today while he is at home sick.  I drove to work with a cup of coffee in hand, wearing a new dress (love it by the way) and listening to some *NSync.  Have you heard the rumors?  Supposedly, *NSync will reunite on stage at the VMA's (MTV Video Music Awards).  If this is true, I might freak out!!  
Anyways, lets get to our Wednesday topic at hand:

My "Go-To" breakfast as of lately:
some kind of fruit (Strawberries on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday)and some low sugar oatmeal from Quaker Oats

My water bottle for the past couple of days....I love how it is a liter of water. 
My goal is to drink at least 2 of these a day.
I do need to recycle this water bottle and use some of my good one's though...

Dinner last night, OMG SO GOOD!
After working out I was starving and I decided that a turkey and cheese melt sounded good, so I came up with my own sandwich "recipe".  If you're like me, sandwiches are always better from a restaurant, not at home.
I put a little bit of butter on some break and toasted both sides for a minute.  Then I took the bread out, put some sliced turkey and some shredded Imo's cheese (provel) on top and let the whole sandwich toast for a couple more minutes.  Smush the two pieces together and cut diagonally.  DELICIOUS!!!
I paired my delicious sandwich with a salad.  I added in a little bit of provel cheese, some sunflower seeds and a little bit of French salad dressing. YUM again!!

Here's what the cheese looks like (It's heaven in a bag)

I am trying out a new coffee flavor and some new creamers
Jessica says: love the coffee flavor and love the new creamers!!
The sweet cream flavor is just plain delicious.
The chocolate/caramel flavor makes the coffee taste almost like hot chocolate! (SCORE!)

These opinions are solely my own.  I was not compensated for trying out these products. If a company would like for me to try out their new products, please contact me at


Jen said...

I go through weeks where all I will eat for breakfast is oatmeal. I love it! haha.

Linnea said...

We love Dunkin Donuts coffee too!

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