Monday, August 12, 2013

Presents, Cake and Fun!

You know you've had a great weekend, when you can't really remember what you did 2 days ago.......haha!

Friday - 
We spent the evening birthday shopping for Claire (did I wait long enough!?!) and couch lounging.  My mom came over and we watched "Identity Theft".  What a funny movie, and I love how they show St. Louis and coming over the Mississippi River from Illinois and into Missouri on this nice beautiful bridge into the downtown NOT realistic!!

Saturday - 
I had my lunch date with Ali.  We went out to see the building process of her new house (I am so excited for her!!) and to eat at Lion's Choice for lunch.  Then Andy and I went out to my brother's house for the birthday celebration of Claire!  She was absolutely ADORABLE at her party.  My mom got her a big basket of things for her to unwrap.  It included a baseball mit, baseball bat and balls, a princess dress, a Hello Kitty purse and sunglasses and a beachball.  When she opened the baseball stuff she would yell out, "Bay-ball!!!"  So so cute!  When she opened the princess dress she immediately insisted on wearing it over her party dress and put her purse and sunglasses on.  Melt my heart adorable!!  My brother grilled hamburgers and hot dogs for dinner and cake was Dairy Queen Ice Cream cake!!  YUM!!  What a special day to celebrate with family!  

Yep, Im related to him....haha!!  My dad being goofy!

My sparkly, princess dress!

You can never have enough accessories!
Princess dress, sunglasses and purse!

                 Kisses for Aunt Jessica                                        My beautiful niece!

Cutest video EVER!!
Melts my heart!

Brother and Sister!!  
Reminds me of when Jeff and I were little.

Sunday - 
Oh the usual, which I am totally not complaining about.  Target, lunch, and Dierbergs.  I then went home to clean and relax.  I unfortunately received some sad news that a dear friend of mine, Teri passed away to fighting the awful battle of cancer.  She spent 13 years of her life fighting.  I plan on paying tribute to her in the next couple of days for you all to see what an incredible person she was.  This summer has been a pretty yucky one in my book.  I am ready for fall to get here and for some good news to come my way soon.

What's going on this week -
~Travels to Indiana on Thursday for my cousin Samantha's wedding!!
~3 day work week!
~Saying goodbye to Teri


Linnea said...

So sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. Here's hoping that the fall brings great things!!

Jen said...

Aww how sweet! :) So sorry for the loss of you friend.

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