Thursday, August 15, 2013

Saying Goodbye

I am going to officially declare that the summer of 2013, worst summer ever!  Now I know that it's only August 15th and yes, I did have some good moments over this summer; however, I have had so many heartbreaks over this summer also.  It started with my friend's grandmother, Donna who passed away the middle of May.  Then Andy's grandmother, Judi passed away middle July.  August 11th, my friend's mother, Teri (also known as Mom to me) passed away after a 13 year battle with cancer.  I knew that this day was coming, but I never knew how I would handle the situation.  I am sad and heart broken over this news and seeing photos of Teri makes me cry.  I can't believe that she is actually gone.  I will say, that I did get to spend one more day with Teri before she passed away.  It was the day of her mother's funeral (Donna), but it was a special day that I will never forget.  I got to hug her and tell her how much I missed her and loved her.  I even got one last photo with Teri that I will treasure forever.  I look back at all the photos of her and the memories I had with her and her family over the past 19 years and just think of all the great times.   

I dedicate this song to the following people:

Donna G. 5/17/2013
Judi S. 7/13/2013
Baby K 7/2013
Teri G. 8/11/2013

"See You Again" Carrie Underwood

Till I see you all again, I will carry you all with me!

"See You Again"
Said goodbye, turned around
And you were gone, gone, gone
Faded into the setting sun,
Slipped away
But I won’t cry
Cause I know I’ll never be lonely
For you are the stars to me,
You are the light I follow

I will see you again, whoa
This is not where it ends
I will carry you with me, oh
'Til I see you again


Jen said...

My heart breaks for you sweet friend! Always praying for you, hugs and prayers coming your way!

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