Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Here I am! Sorry I didn't get anything posted yesterday.  I have been super busy since getting home and haven't gotten a chance to write anything.  We arrive home to St. Louis on Sunday afternoon.  I posted this on instagram as soon as we hit the Missouri state line.  

You never know how much you love your home, until you are away from it for a couple of days.  I missed Andy, Smokey and Keeley oh so much!  All three of them were very happy to have me back home.   I had a great time with my mom, sister, brother, sister in law, niece and nephew, but am glad to be back home.  

I wanted to share some of my favorite photos from the weekend for you all to see.

My mom and I at the bridal/baby shower

My cousin Julia and I

The bride and mama to be!!  She is due the end of October.

We took the kiddo's to the park before the wedding.
My sister and I are swinging.

Jackson insisted on me "riding" these with him.
I think I am a little too big.

Hanging out before the wedding.
Jackson is too cute!

Claire is ready for this wedding!

My sister and I at the reception.

The gorgeous bride walking down the aisle with her father

Their first kiss!!

LOVE her smile here!  She is beaming!!

Me and bride!  She was GORGEOUS!!

LOVE this photo!  Kegan's hand is on the baby and her smile says a thousand words!

Jackson was ready to dance!  I was his dancing buddy all night long.

Father/Daughter dance

My cousin Adrienne and I

My mama with 3 of her kids.
Me, Mama, Jena and Jeff

Not 3 minutes earlier my mom says, "This trip hasn't been too bad....."
Dead stopped traffic for construction.  HAHA!

The wedding favors, Campfire Cookies (S'Mores!!!)
Sooooooo delicious!  I send this photo to the baker (my cousin Adrienne)


Jen said...

Wonderful photos, but you are right it's always nice to be home.

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