Saturday, August 10, 2013

Special moments with Claire

In honor of my niece's second birthday on, August 9th, I thought I would post some photos I have taken of her the past 2 years of her life.  Saturday we plan on celebrating with family, with food and cake (what else in life is there).  For now, I will leave you all with the special memories I have had so far with Claire, and MANY more to come.

This is my first ever photo of Claire and I.  She was born on a Tuesday evening.  I had just gotten off of work at Micro Center (4 PM) and was called by my brother to meet us at the hospital to take Jackson from them.  Perfect timing!  On my way home is the hospital, so you couldn't ask for better timing than that!  I met them in the Labor and Delivery wing and took Jackson into the waiting room.  Andy met us soon after since his work is only 5 minutes away.  Claire came into the world around 9 PM that evening and I got to hold her for the very first time around 10:30 PM.
I absolutely LOVE this photo of Claire in the hospital.  I am pretty sure my brother took this while she was in her bassinet in the hospital.  Love, love, love the little smile he got from her.
This photo is from my cousin, Julie's wedding in November of 2011.  My brother Jeff walked her down the aisle and brought along my nephew Jackson and my niece Claire.  She is 3 months old here.  I think she looks like me here too.

These are photos from Claire's first birthday.  I had made Claire a handmade quilt for her birthday.  Her room's color were pink and green, so I went with the theme.  A year later and she is still using her quilt in her bed to sleep with.  That makes my heart melt.  

Claire, may your second birthday give you all that you could ask for and more.  We love you with all our heart!


Jen said...

She is such a doll and is lucky to have an Aunt like you! :)

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