Wednesday, March 27, 2013

WIAW #16

I know that I haven't written as much on my blog lately.  I have had a lot of writer's block and just still haven't been feeling well.  Plus, I've been super busy at work lately and with a snow day mixed in on Monday it's been quite crazy around here lately.  So here is what the past couple days have been like and my What I Ate Wednesday record.  

The weather forecast for Sunday called for snow, but if you live in Missouri like me, you come to realize that yes they call for snow but it never amounts to what they call for.  We are normally told 6 inches and we receive a half an inch (I'm not exaggerating).  This time they were leery on calling out amounts, when they do that.  You know it's serious!  The first initial numbers we're in the 2-4 inch range.  Saturday came and the amounts were getting higher and higher.  When we went to bed, they were calling for 8-10 inches starting around midnight.  I woke up Sunday morning and found no snow and everyone on facebook began to doubt the weather forecast.  Around 9am, the snow came and it didn't stop until 10pm that night.  Thundersnow in fact came and when you hear thunder while it snows, you know it's going TO SNOW!!   We ended with a total of around 14+" inches!  It was amazing how much snow fell!  It also has been a really long time since Saint Louis has received that much snow, especially in a 24 hour time period!

Andy shoveling the driveway

Keeley playing in the snow

We decided to put Keeley's hoodie on her to keep her warm.

Keeley and I playing

Proof that I helped shovel the driveway!

Burning some calories and working on my fitness :) 

Keeley running around in the snow

Keeley's friend Bella came over to run with her.

Peas and Crayons
Thanks as always to Jenn for such a great link up!

So on Sunday, I decided to cook and bake.  I made a cinnamon roll cake for Andy for Breakfast.  I was a good girl and decided on a bowl of cherrios for breakfast.  In fact, I was quite proud of myself for resisting the cake for breakfast.  I am a food addict and for me to not eat something so sinfully bad for you is amazing!

Dinner was started in the crockpot around 10am.  Ranch Chicken Tacos.  You can find the recipe here.  

I topped my taco's with sharp cheddar cheese, lettuce and guacamole!

I also decided I needed to bake something else.  Since I was going into healthy mode, I decided on some type of a muffin to bake and take to work with me.  I went with an apple oatmeal muffin.  It came out good, not my favorite, but nothing I can't handle.  :)   I replaced the white flour it called for, for wheat flour and I didn't have the plain yogurt it called for, so I used 4 oz. of apple sauce and 4 oz. of plain greek yogurt.

There was lot's to puppy and kitty cuddles that day.  

Keeley "helping" me sew.

Aww, Andy get's puppy and kitty cuddles!

Smokey has found the heating vents this winter.

Keeley slept with me like this most of the night.  So adorable!


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aw- love keeley's coat. so cute. great eats & happy wiaw :)

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