Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Today - My 29th Birthday

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yes, yes it is true.  Today is my 29th Birthday and I am super excited!  I love my birthday, even today as I turn 29.  Getting old doesn't scare me and see that in 1 year I will be the big 30!  Funny part is, I don't feel 29.  In fact I have never felt my age.  I remember when we signed the contract for our house and I said to Andy, "I don't feel old enough to purchase a house".  And yet, we did purchase our first home together.   :) 

Here's the list of real life friends I share a birthday with:
{pretty cool sharing a birthday with 3 other people I know!}
Julia C.
Chris B.
Bob H.

Here's a list of celebrities I share a birthday with:
{one's that I have actually heard of}
Bruce Willis
Glenn Close

Fun facts about my birthday:
Number one single on Billboard Hot 100:  Van Halen "Jump"
Number one movie in the box office: Beverly Hills Cop
Michael Jackson was on the cover of Time Magazine

Photo's from my birthday in 2007 (My 23rd Birthday)

Photo's as I celebrated with my family on Sunday

My mom made my favorite food (yes I know, not healthy at all)
Favorite chicky (go ahead and laugh, its a thing from my childhood), Grandpa's potato salad, chinese cole slaw

Jackson and I eating dinner together, he was a talker :) 

My Birthday Cake, from Cold Stone Creamery (Cake Batter Cake)

My mom, sister Jena and I

Jackson helped me blow the candles out

My brother Jeff and I (believe it or not, I am older than him by 2 years)

Jackson and me

My brothers Jack, Joe and me

My brothers, my sister Jena and me

My dad, me and my mom


Tami said...

Happy BIrthday! I hope you have an amazing day!

Angie said...

Happy birthday!

Mrs. K said...

Happy Birthday to you! I never feel my age either.

Jen said...

Happy Birthday!!!! :)

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