Saturday, March 16, 2013

New Toy!

Happy Early Birthday to Me!!

My birthday isn't until March 19th, but we purchased my birthday present a bit early {in February} this year.  I LOVE to take photos, but I do not have the best camera to do so.  I have a not so good Kodak point and shoot and always disliked the quality of photos that came from it.  Plus it was a touch screen and never really worked right.  I really wanted a nice camera so that I could capture moments and have really good quality photos that came from it.  Sooooo we began our investigation into cameras, well Andy did...haha.  He asked his co-worker who works for his company but in Canada (Canada eh?) and he gave him lots of advise and information into camera's.  We were thinking that me going to a DSLR camera would be too much to start out, so a point and shoot (but of good quality) would be best.  

Panasonic GF5X 12.1MP Compact System Camera with Power Zoom Lens Kit 

Well of course my first subjects to photograph we're the fur-babies!!  Did you expect anything different?  Haha!

Special thanks to my husband for a GREAT birthday present.  I plan to spend lots of time taking photos and playing around with the new camera.  :) 


Ali said...

Canada, eh? Love it. And you have very cute and willing subjects to photograph. Love the last one of Smokey. : )

Jen said...

I love it!!!! :) Yay! :)

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