Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

I haven't done one of these in awhile and thought, why not?  

Friday night -
 I had my heart set on dinner at Blue Sky Cafe.  
Cafe and Bar
Soooooo delicious.  Of course I forgot to get photos of my food.  We went out with our neighbors for dinner.  I ordered the Sloppy Joe Sandwich with Tater Tots.  Justin decided he didn't want his coleslaw, SCORE FOR JESSICA! 
The food was very good!  :) 
We came back to the house and the boys wanted to drink beer by a bonfire, Melissa and I had no intentions on joining them.  So we enjoyed a chick flick, Playing for Keeps.
Playing for Keeps (2012) Poster

Saturday - 
I picked my mom and sister up and headed over to my brother's house to let his dogs, Mya and Marley out.  We then went to lunch at Pasta House, shopped at DSW with my $5 coupons for my birthday {I picked up some more Asics socks, exciting I know} and ended our shopping at the Honey Baked Ham Store.  We ordered 6 lbs of Ham for Easter that we will be hosting at my house.
Andy and his dad finalized the order at Home Depot for all the basement building supplies and even picked up a new kitchen faucet, YAY!!  It's the little things in life that makes you happy.  :)

The day started out rainy but ended on a positive note with sun and warmth, YES!  I finally got out and picked up dog poop from the yard.  Between my dog and the neighbors dog, all I can tell you is that it was a long winter.  HAHA!
We went to dinner with Andy's mom and dad to Ethyl's which is a really good barbeque place.  I got myself some bbq chicken with fried and a side salad.  It was so good.  I have never had chicken fall off the bone like it did there.  I highly recommend them!
Andy and I finished off the night with watching some more episode's of "How I Met Your Mother".  LOVE THAT SHOW!  It is hilarious.

Sunday -
I reserved a day with just Andy and myself.  We had nothing special planned.  So the day was spent cleaning up the house, grocery shopping and laundry,  and cuddling with the animals on the couch, WOO!!  We did manage to watch the James Bond "Skyfall".  I was excited to see it, but I think it was wayyyy too long.  If they had cut an hour out of it, it would have been better.  My attention span could not hold me to watching that movie. Poor Keeley was so tired last night.  She was dying to get upstairs and in bed.  Once we made our way upstairs, she flew up and into her bed where she fell fast asleep.  So cute!

It was an awesome weekend that flew by way too fast like always.

How was your weekend? 


Jen said...

What a wonderful weekend you had! Don't worry a new faucet would make me excited too haha. :)

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