Friday, March 1, 2013

Welcoming March with Open Arms

Yay, it's officially March 1st!

Boo, it's snowing again today.....Woke up this morning to about a half an inch of snow on my driveway.  Even better, apparently our highway department (MODOT) decided to listen to the weather people when they said, "No accumulation...."  Ha!  

Yay, Spring is in 21 days!

Boo, it's still snowing and there may be another winter snow in our horizion for next week.

Yay, my Birthday is in 19 days!

Boo, I'm getting older, yet I still don't feel as old as I really am.

Yay, Daylight savings time is in 10 days!

Boo, we lose an hour of sleep.

Yay, the weekend starts in 6 hours.

Boo, the weekends always go by too fast.

Yay, our new kitchen table came in!

Boo, no boo needed, that's always good!  :) 

Yay, for the new Lady Antebellum Song, "Downtown"
It's so much fun to listen to.  Make me wish for warm weather.  :) 

Hope you all have a fantastic Friday!  :) 


Jen said...

You have a lot of Yay's in this which is awesome! :) Have a great weekend.

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