Friday, March 15, 2013

Oh Friday, how I love you!

Oh how thankful I am that Friday is already here!  With this cold/sickness thing that I have, it's making me feel crummy and all I want to do is lie in my bed.  :(  It figures though since today the high is suppose to be around 70 degrees and then tomorrow back down to 40 degrees...{i'm not surprised in the least bit}.  

Last night we grilled steaks with our neighbors.  Have I mentioned how awesome our neighbors are??  Seriously, Melissa and Justin are the best neighbors we could have ever asked for.  We typically have dinner together once or twice a week, which I find so awesome. The new neighbors moved in next door last week and are really nice too.  We have a great group of people living nearby, except for the dummy who lives behind us.  We CANNOT stand him!!  After dinner Melissa and I went over to Tuesday Morning (never been here and it was OK  and to TJMaxx just because we could.  :)  

This week at work I worked my booty off staying late twice this week.  So today, I get to leave work at noon!  Woohooooo!!!  Just wished I felt a little bit better.  :(  

The plans for today are:
  • Get passport updated with new name {yes it's been changed since June of last year, I've just been too lazy to get to the post office to get this done}
  • Stop by JoAnn fabrics to browse because I LOVE THAT STORE!
  • PetSmart to get cat and dog food.  {If I don't get it, my cat will be pissed because he's out of food and the dog is almost out too}
  • Sprint to change my name on my cell phone {Yes I know, stupid that I haven't done that yet.  However, Sprint is stupid when it comes to changing your name.  You can only go to a Corporate Sprint store and you have to bring a copy of your marriage license??  But yet my drivers licence name is changed......It makes NO sense to me.
  • Maybe a walk with Keeley?  Depends on how I'm feeling
  • Maybe work on my quilt some more?
  • Then the couch to rest :) 
This weekend will be a packed one.  Saturday I am meeting my friend Ali and her boys at Chick Fil A for lunch and then a barbeque cookout with the neighbors for dinner.  Sunday I will be with my family celebrating my birthday {which is on Tuesday, the 19th}.

Sorry for the picture-less post.  I'll hopefully will get some great photos from the weekend to post next week for ya'll!

Have a great weekend!  :) 


Mrs. K said...

How nice! I'd love to have neighbors to hang out with frequently. I actually met some yesterday so maybe there's hope! I hope you continue to feel better over the weekend :)

Jen said...

You sure do have a busy day. :) I hope you have a great weekend!

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