Monday, December 24, 2012

5 for Five #4

Merry Christmas Eve Everyone!!

Time to link up for my 5 for Five!
Thanks to Jenn and Jessica for this fabulous link up as always!!


Here is how my week went.  
Red is NOT accomplished, Green is accomplished.

December 17-22nd Goals
  1. Workout at least 2 times this week after work. Yeah, no excuses, I was super lazy last week.....
  2. No soda at all this week, only water, coffee or milk.  Yay for me!  But I broke the no soda rule and had one on Sunday.
  3. Work on the Keeley's hoodie and have it finished by next Sunday (12/23) Finished this up on Saturday!!  :)  It turned out so cute!!  
  4. Sign up for a sewing class at Jo-Ann Fabrics  I completely forgot to do this!! I am bummin because they were offering 50% off classes.  Sadface!  Next time they have that sale, I am there!!
  5. Get the finger nails painted Red and Green for Christmas!!  They were so pretty!

3/5, not too shabby for the week before Christmas!  

December 23-29th Goals

  1. Workout at least 2 times this week after work.
  2. Not to stuff myself at Christmas.  Eat what I am hungry for and NOT overeat!!
  3. Get all of the Christmas stuff packed and put away by next weekend.  Sad, isn't it!
  4. Not stress out over the snow coming on Tuesday evening (Christmas) and Wednesday morning.  If I can't make it to work, then I just can't.
  5. Get my house all clean like I normally do.  (I have been slacking the past 2 weekends.)
I know, my goals are nothing too much, but it's something to work on!  

About the snow coming towards us, from what I've seen, we can get anywhere between 2-6".  Now this is Saint Louis, and if you know our weather, this storm could potentially miss us and give us nothing or it could dump like a foot of snow, you never know here.  So we shall see!!

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas Eve!  I'll be working until this afternoon and then Andy and I will be celebrating our own special Christmas together.  I cannot believe this is our 4th Christmas together!!  Crazy!


Jenn said...

You did so great last week! I'm proud of you :) I have the HARDEST time NOT drinking soda. I didn't do very well with it this week.

You have great and obtainable goals for this week! I think they are really good! Best wishes on you goals for this week and MERRY, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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