Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Colored Nails

I promised a photo of my festive Christmas Colored Nails from my 5 for Five challenge this week.

Here they are:

My thumb nail is also red, it was too hard to get a good photo of my whole hand.  
Nothing too fancy, just fun Christmas colors.

I headed home early from work today to help beat any traffic or stupid drivers today.  It's cold, really windy, and snowy today.  I wanted to make sure I got home before the ground got too cold and the remaining water on it froze!  I do not live close to work, a good 35-40 minute drive without traffic, so leaving early was the best possible solution for me. 

Funny photo of the day, Andy sitting on the couch watching a movie and using not 1, but 2 laptops. He is so funny! I will give him credit he's moving stuff from one computer to another, it just looks funny that he's using 2 computers. Haha! 

I hope everyone has a great evening!


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