Saturday, December 8, 2012

"Wild Lights" at the Saint Louis Zoo

In Saint Louis, we are lucky to go to our local Zoo and get in for free.  "Wild Lights" is a special thing they do around Christmas time so that people can see all the lights at the Zoo in the dark. I wasn't expecting too much since the tickets were $6.00 a piece, but thought what the heck.  Actually on Living Socials's website they had a deal for this.  2 tickets and 2 hot chocolates for $7.00.  I thought, "Why not, it would be something interesting to blog about anyways".

We got there and parking was a mess.  The parking was free and anyone could go into the parking area at any times.  It only took us 10 minutes to find a spot, but boy was it a nerve racking 10 minutes.  Andy and I do not do well with crowds at all.  We stood in line to get our vouchers and set foot into the Zoo.  This place was super crazy busy and certain areas of the Zoo were roped off, so there wasn't as much space to roam as you normally would be able to do.  

Walking through was neat, but in all honestly I wasn't exactly thrilled with the lights.  I think it was more for kids then adults.  We spent about 30 minutes there and was ready to go.  We decided on Fortel's Pizza Den for dinner and it ended up being a date night for the 2 of us.  While I was glad to have spent this time out with Andy, the Zoo was kind of a let down.  

 Cool looking Santa and Tree in all LED lights, it was really bright. 
 The Penguins

 This photo was called, "Here take the photo real quick before some more kids come up to get their photo with it".  Now looking at the photo, I am not happy with how I am covering up Mama Polar Bear.  Oh well.  

A final photo of us at the Zoo.  Hey, at least I got a photo with Andy!!


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