Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday #2

Here's what I'm loving on this Wednesday, December 19, 2012!

I'm loving my husband.  I may be crabby today, but he still loves me no matter what. 

I'm loving that Christmas is only 6 days away!!

I'm loving that next door, a hole is finally dug, which means, we will have neighbors to the left of us in 3 short months!!  {Sorry, I forgot to get a photo this afternoon }

I'm loving that snow is in the forecast for tomorrow!

Thursday, Dec 20

DayDec 20

Snow Shower / Wind


Snow Shower / Wind
Chance of Snow:

I'm loving all the cuddles coming from Mokes and Keeley lately!!  Sunday morning was the best.  Smokey was smashed on my right side, Keeley was smashed on my left side and we were all squished together sleeping.

I'm loving my new sewing pattern, its a dog hoodie for Keeley.  Now if I could just get it finished.  This is what I have so far.

I'm loving that we finally found a kitchen table that we love!  Now to just go purchase it.

I'm loving this chevron fabric I purchased for the hoodie pocket and inside of Keeley's hoodie!  I LOVE chevron prints right now!  

I'm loving these chevron Toms!!  May have to get me these soon...  :) 


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