Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Day - Part 2

Christmas Afternoon/Evening was spent over at my Mom's house.
I found out earlier in the day that my Aunt Nancy was able to be with us at Christmas and was super excited!  This was going to be our last Christmas with us, since she will be moving to Florida next year.  I guess she can spend Christmas with her daughter next year....haha!

When my brother's family arrived at my mom's, my nephew Jackson noticed the wrapped presents under the tree.  I had used some Snoopy Christmas paper not thinking that he LOVES Snoopy so much, and he was so excited to open his presents.  We all gathered up and opened presents.  My mom got me a bunch of new kitchen gadgets and my new Toms shoes!!  The white leopard ones!!!!  I was so excited!  Andy received a bunch of games for his computer and PS3 and he was happy!  He will have plenty to do next weekend when I take a rode trip to Alabama with my mom and Aunt!  My mom loved her scarf we got it, I had it monogrammed for her, which she was NOT expecting at all!  

My mom's dog Jazmine, loving being held by Andy

Jackson waiting patiently for presents, cute smile from him!

Claire smiling with Jack smiling in the background

Dinner was delicious as usual!  In fact that food sounds so good right now!  :)  

We ate the following {Yes, I again forgot to photograph the food...}
-A Rib Roast (it was so good!)
-Green Bean Casserole (I ate so much of this!)
-Smashed potatoes
-Sweet Corn Dish
-Mashed Potatoes
-A new version of Green Bean Casserole

I had made a Coca Cola Chocolate Cake for dessert and we forgot about it.....I ended up taking a piece of cake home and it was GOOD!!  So rich and delicious!  I will definitely have to post this recipe up for you all to try! {Yep, I forgot a photo of the cake too!!}

I did manage to get several photos with my sister, mom, Aunt Nancy and Andy in front of the tree!  In fact, we got Andy to give a good smile in the photo too!!  It turned out really cute!

In all Christmas was the BEST as it usually is, and I Love being with everyone!  
Only thing I don't like about the Holidays, having to go back to work.  Which I did promptly the next morning at 7 am as usual.  BOO...  I did manage to have lunch with Andy that day though!  So there's always a positive to every negative!!


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