Monday, December 3, 2012

Weekend Recap

Happy December!!

Where oh where did you go weekend?!?
As always, it went by wayyy too fast!

Friday night - We spent the evening hanging out and catching up on whatever TV shows we didn't get to throughout the week; Jersey Shore and 2 episodes of Raising Hope.  Dinner consisted of Breakfast:  Waffles and Turkey Bacon.  Andy wasn't feeling too good, so we spent a lot of time on the couch.  :)  I like couch evenings!

Saturday - lots of cleaning happening in my household.  Vacuumed the whole house, bathrooms cleaned, laundry started and almost completed (I'd like to add that all of the clothes are clean and put away by Sunday night, go me!) and took an hour long walk around the neighborhood with Keeley.  The temperature remained around 70 degrees that day, very unseasonably warm.  I spent the evening running around with my mom and sister picking up some more Christmas gifts.  I am almost complete with my Christmas shopping!!!!  YAY!!

Sunday - the ever fun shopping with my mom.  We did the usual, lunch, Target and Grocery Store!  We also included in our trip to JCPenneys.  I found some slippers for Andy for $6!  I thought, if he didn't like them, I can always return them, but $6 for slippers, score!! And you know what, he loved them!!  They are also still giving out those buttons that you enter the code into their website to see if you won anything, I won $15 in certificates!!  So excited!  We went to Qdoba for lunch and I got the pick 2, quesadilla and 3 cheese nachos.  The nachos were awesome, the quesadilla, eh...not so awesome.  I ate too much, a big no no for me with the diet.  I way over indulged this weekend and am feeling the consequences today (Monday).  

Lets take a look and see if I achieved all the goals for the weekend I set for myself on Friday:

  • Saturday cleaning day (Check!!)
  • Laundry (Check!!)
  • Finish sewing the squares to my Christmas table runner (yeah, I didn't touch my sewing machine, I was having trouble with it last week and didn't want to deal with it over the weekend)
  • Get my Nintendo Wii and DS sold on Craigslist (annoyed with this, 3 people emailed me on Saturday about the DS, I emailed the first person, gave her a day to respond back and she didn't.  Same thing Sunday.  I emailed the third person this morning, so here's hoping!!  I'm a bit annoyed with this whole selling on Craigslist thing)
  • Sunday Shopping with the Mama  (Check!!)
  • Finish Christmas Shopping (almost done!!)
  • Take LONG walks around the neighborhood with Keeley  (Check!!)
As usual, weekend photos of the fur-babies:

Keeley was all cuddly on Andy while we watched a movie, it was too cute!

Mokes was hanging out in the hall closet, not too shabby of a photo on the iphone!  :) 

Have a great week everyone!



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