Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Lights - 12/23/2012

Last night, our best friends, Nick and Laura came in town to celebrate Christmas with Nick's family.  They always make sure to take time out to spend a little bit of time with us on the Holidays, which we both appreciate more than they will ever know!  :)  

I went out with my mom, sister and Aunt Nancy for final shopping (groceries) and things while Nick, Laura and Andy went to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch and football watching.  My Aunt Nancy made us a plate full of delicious cookies, yum!!!  Thanks Aunt Nancy!

That night we went to dinner at good 'ol Steak 'n Shake and went to look at Christmas lights. We drove to the Ft. Zumwalt Parks for the Celebration of Lights!  Spent a good hour in the car waiting to get in and drive through, but I thought it was a lot of fun!  We want to make it an annual tradition in going to see Christmas lights together in December.  I think it would be a great Christmas tradition to make with our best friends.  :)  

We then took Nick and Laura to a house by ours that does the Christmas lights and syncs up the music to the lights.  They had never seen a house in real life do this, so this was an extra special treat!!

We came back home and started a movie, Men in Black 3.  I enjoyed what I watched but went to bed in the middle of it since I had to work the next morning.

Of course, I forgot to get a photo of all 4 of us together.  One day, I will get this.  For now, I will post the photo from our wedding of all 4 of us together so you can see that we really do have some friends.  :)  Just wish our best friends lived a little closer.  


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