Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm not going to lie, I am in a funk this week and do not know what my deal is.  
I'm just tired and crabby so I thought I would change things up today and link up with Jamie over at This Kind of Love to her blog link up of:

Here's what I'm loving on this cold, sunny, 12th Day of December in Missouri...

I'm loving this photo I took on Monday night of me, Smokey and Keeley cuddling on the couch.  

I'm loving that Christmas is only 13 days away and the New Year 2013 is only 19 days away!!

Photo: The presents are wrapped and under the tree!

I'm loving that I will be visiting with family (The Wades) in Alabama in early January!

I'm loving these Toms shoes!  I hope Santa is bringing me these!  :) 

                                                            How cute are these matching baby Toms!!

I'm loving my new winter hat!!  Hat came from Target, click here to see/purchase it online.

I'm loving trying out new recipes.  I love going to The Country Cooks website to get new recipes.  They are super easy and stuff that isn't too hard to make after working all day.  

                        Spasagna                                              Meatball Sub Casserole     

Those recipes are on my list to try very soon!  

I'm loving listening to Christmas music at work.  I don't know why but Christmas time is just so magical for me.  Love, love, love Christmas time!!

  I love this CD!!  His voice is so smooth and calming!

I'm loving Instagram!!  I love all the different photo filters you can use for your photos you take.  You can follow me at:  bettertogetherandforever

I hope to snap out of my funk soon.  Hoping to go on a walk at lunch and maybe get some treadmill running in tonight, no promises though.  Hope you all enjoy your Wednesday!


Tami said...

I hear you on the funk! I think we all have those days/weeks! I love those Toms. Have you tried them before? I don't have any but Emerson does and they are just adorable on kiddos! I'm following you on Instagram now. :)

JenmiJenmi said...

I have been crabby too. I think having finals go to the 19th is sort of taking the fun out of the holidays for me. I have the same CD and I love it too. :-)

Jessica K said...

Tami, I love my Toms shoes! I have a brown pair and the silver sparkle pair and wish I had more!! Thanks for following me on instagram Tami! Jenmi we have good taste in music. :)

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