Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap 
Sorry I didn't get this out on Monday like normal, I was having an off night Monday.

Friday night - Stayed home for the evening, which was nice since every week night we were running around some place or another.  For dinner we decided to heat up the remaining leftover of the Pasta Shells I cooked on Wednesday.  Andy really wanted to play his computer game so I decided to catch up on those weekly shows I hadn't seen yet, most importantly, Grey's Anatomy!!  I am hooked on that show again, I hope they don't cancel is anytime soon.  I was so very proud of myself though, I did get my butt off of the couch and ran on the treadmill for 30 minutes.  I was prepping myself to start the Couch to 5K program again.  I walked 5 minutes, ran 1 minutes, walked 3 minutes, ran 1 minute and continued on this pace for 30 minutes.  One of the minutes I ran, I decided I was going to run at a very fast pace.  Now if you know me, I am not a runner, but I was bound and determined to do this.  I ran 1 minute at a 6.1 mph pace and I didn't fall on my face at all!!  I was so very excited!!!  Finished my workout and was pooped.  I showered and plopped myself on the couch, about 30 minutes into my couch session, I was out like a light (7:30pm....)  Pathetic I know, how I am going to survive having kids and no sleep is beyond me...

Saturday - clean the house day!!  I love to do this Saturday mornings, don't ask me why, it's just nice to have a clean house and spend the rest of your weekend not worrying about a dirty house.  Andy and I went out to finish the Christmas shopping and we ran into this AWESOME couple at Target.  They are extreme couponers and it was such a high just to watch them save a ton of money!!  Their total came out to $335.00.  They received $120 back in gift cards and the coupons took their bill down to $0.00!!!!  They even gave us a coupon, for every $50 we spent, we got a $10 gift card back to Target.  Our bill came out to $118 and somehow we got $40 in gift cards.  If anyone can explain that to me a little better, I would appreciate it!  They gave me so tips on how to coupon and now I have the coupon fever!  I even ordered me some baseball card sleeves for my binders to help me coupon more efficiently.  I love going on STLMOMMY for tips on couponing and such.     Andy and I had a date night also.  We went out to St. Louis Zoo for "Wild Lights" and dinner at Fortel's Pizza Den.  You can read all about that here.

Sunday - went out to my brother's that morning to pick up some stuff from him.  Found out about Claire's awesome way of eating Oreo's.  She takes them apart, scrapes all the icing off with her teeth, then gives the dogs the cookie part.  Haha, that is one smart 1 year old!!  Ran out to Target to return some Christmas lights that didn't work.  Ran over to JcPenney's to redeem my $15 in free coupons from the button's I received last week.  Awesome deal!  I got 2 sports bras and a workout shirt for $6 after coupons!! Then ran over to Sports Authority to return some sweat pants, tried to find my favorite pants from there and they don't carry them anymore.  Sadface!  I am not a fan of the Champion sweat pants, I like the Rawlings sweatpants the best, but no go at Sport Authority. :(  Went over to dinner at the in-laws.  We had "City Chicken", ranch potatoes  and rolls.  No green, but very delicious!  Thanks for a great dinner Lynn and Tim! Spent the rest of the night watching "Sister Wives" (I have to say, it was not a good episode, and in fact, kind of boring).  

Days till Christmas, 15!  Holy cow!!!  
Days till the New Year 2013, 22!! 


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