Friday, January 10, 2014

Spoiled Animals

It's the first full week in January, and it feels like the longest one in a long time.....Happy Friday! The snow, the traffic, the weather, and the extreme cold temperatures seem to be going away starting today!  Yippee!!  

1.  Keeley and I on Sunday in the snow.  I was shoveling the snow with Andy and we brought Keeley out with us so she could get some energy out.  
2.  Last night I was sitting on the floor and Keeley decided to lie on my legs.  My butt started to go numb, but was worth it seeing her face.  She was so relaxing and loving every minute of it.
3.  Sunday night we were watching TV in the basement and Keeley decided that she had to sit right next to me.  Normally she sits on my legs or feet, but I think Smokey kept picking on her (jumping up and whopping Keeley) and she was having none of it.
4.  Andy left his top dresser drawer open and Smokey found a new bed.  It was hilarious!!  That cat thinks that he can lie wherever he wants.
5.  Smokey got out Sunday from the house and hid under my car while we were shoveling.  One paw into the snow and he ran to the door wanting back inside the warm house.  Just a goof!

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Jen said...

Spoiled animals are the best kind of animals. :)

Danielle said...

Your pets are adorable! Thanks for sharing.

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