Saturday, January 25, 2014

Influenster: Jolly Vox Box

I was lucky enough to find out that I was selected for the Jolly Vox Box through Influenster.  I have seen so many bloggers lately who get to test of these fun products and couldn't wait until my first Vox Box!!  I was actually selected for the Rose Vox Box several months ago, but was denied it because they had selected too many people for it.  Luckily though, Influenster redeemed themselves with the Jolly Vox Box and has sent me one too!!

In my box was the following:

  • Rimmel New York Show Off Lip Gloss
  • NYC HD Color Trio
  • Skinny Cow Divine Chocolate in peanut butter
  • Puffs Kleenex with lotion
  • Duck Tape Mini Ducklings

My thoughts, it was an OK box.  Nothing was too exciting, but it wasn't a total dud.

  • The Lip Gloss I gave to my sister.  I do not like lip glosses because they make you lips feel sticky and they dry out my lips fast.  I am a chap stick kind of a girl.
  • The eye shadows were really nice.  I loved the colors and plan on using this a lot.  
  • The chocolates were good, but I have to be in the mood to eat peanut butter.
  • The kleenex are my favorite to keep in my purse so this was nice to have an extra set to keep in my purse for the winter time.
  • The duck tape was really cute, but I don't have any crafts that need something like this at this moment.  My cat likes to play with the duck tape and thinks its a toy....awesome.  :) 
In all, it was an OK box but I was happy to be selected to review it.  Thanks Influenster!!

If anyone would like to be a reviewer for Influenster, please send me an email and I will add you to their list.  I have 5 slots available, so be quick!  :) 

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Beth Ann said...

I'd like to do it! I think I got an invite from someone once but never followed through...

Beth Ann said...

^ email is

Jen said...

I like the eyeshadows! Can never go wrong with those. :)

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