Friday, January 3, 2014

First Friday of the New Year!

I haven't participate in : High Five for Friday in a couple weeks and what a better way to start the new year than to participate in the first High Five for Friday of the New Year!!

While I am ever grateful for Friday to be here, I am not looking forward to this weekend. Reason being the freezing arctic temperatures that are headed our way with a TON of snow to come this weekend!  Last I heard, 7+ inches Saturday night into Sunday.  That will change I am sure because it is only Friday morning and we have a good 36 hours until the storm is to hit us.  Do you see those temperatures for Monday!?!?!!!!  High of 2 and low of -11!!!!!  Hello Minnesota weather!

All of the Christmas stuff came down last weekend but I decided that I wanted a "January" wreath for the front door (I actually want to make one each month too).  Thanks be to Target for their Christmas items on clearance!  I found a blue wreath half off (originally $8, clearance price $4) and some white "snow" looking garland (originally $3, clearance price $1.50) and decided to make a "January" wreath of the those 2 things.  I wish you all could have seen my mom and sisters face when trying to explain this wreath in Target.  But I was determined to make this work.  My end result came out looking fan-freaking-tastic and I LOVE it!!

I won a free Temptu AirBrush makeup system from a giveaway that Ricci over at Ricci Explains It All was giving away!  I just received it last weekend and have yet to try it, but am hoping too soon!  Thanks to my crafty skills of "Googling" I found a coupon code that gave me 10% off and was able to purchase the Deluxe Signature Kit!

Have you all heard of the app called "Cuptakes"?  It's a fun app that I learned from Allie over at Tales of a Twenty Something.  It's basically fun backgrounds for your phone for only 99 cents.  Right now I am loving both lock screen and main backgrounds.  I saw that cuptakes has fun backgrounds for photos also for $1.99 but am still debating on that one or not.  

I LOVE having a sister.  We have always been close but the older we both get, the closer we both become.  One day while I was "stalking" her twitter page, I found this photo that she posted up.  It melted my heart and I absolutely LOVE it!!!!  I also absolutely LOVE her!! 
1. Top Left: Jena and I at her pre-school performance.  She is 5, I am 20 here.
2. Top Right: Jena and I at my high school graduation: She is 4, I am 19.
3. Bottom Left: At Jena's new school starting Kindergarten.  She is 5, I am 20.
4. Bottom Right: Same place, same age at #3.

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Elise @ Cheers Yall said...

LOVING those iphone backgrounds! Thanks for sharing, lovebug!!! Cheers! xx

Jen said...

I am in love with that wreath! You are so creative. :)

Eat Drink and Be Mary said...

I'm so glad I found your post through the link up! I'm definitely gonna have to check out that app & that wreath is adorable! I'll be sending warm thoughts your way this week--don't freeze!

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