Thursday, January 9, 2014

How many days till spring?

Today marks 19 days into that is not a typo.  I am officially counting down the days until spring is here: 69 LONG days!  Saint Louis has been just pounded with snow after snow this year and yet it is only January 9th.  It's hard to even keep track with how much snow we've actually received this year so far.  Thursday morning we woke up to another 1-2 inches.  Now I know that, that does not sound like a lot, however; we just received 10 inches, 4 days before and it's taking the road crews FOREVER to clear the roads.  I didn't see one snow plow Thursday morning while driving a whopping 20-30 mph to work the entire way there.  I hate to be a debbie downer and I know that MODOT has done an amazing job at trying to keep up with the roads, however; Thursday morning they totally let Saint Louis down.  

With all this cold weather comes cabin fever, frustration, and down right anger.  My siblings were to go back to school last Thursday, but snow caused them to have a snow day Thursday. They did end up going to school Friday and have yet to go back.  They have had the longest winter break in history!  I'd hate to be in school or be a teacher and have to make up all these snow days.....
My sister posted this photo on instagram 2 days ago and I joked her face may stay that way permanently if we don't get to school quick......looks like it may be permanent.  HAHA!  Poor Jena!  

Have I mentioned that I miss my sister and mom?  I didn't get to see them last weekend due to the snow.  Looking forward to seeing them and the 50 degree weather that is suppose to invade here.  Here's hoping!!!

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Jen said...

I hope you get that 50 degree weather, I wish I could send you some of our 60 degree weather.

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