Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Giving up Caffeine

I wouldn't say that I was addicted to caffeine, per-say.  Sometimes I just needed a little something to wake me up at work, whether it be a cup of coffee or a Diet Coke.  It wasn't every day that I wanted a soda either, sometimes certain meals out just taste better with a Diet Coke or Diet Dr Pepper.  I liked the coffee in the morning because it was something warm to sip on while I started my day at work and lets be honest, I just love the taste!  I didn't need it to keep me awake, but once you start to drink a cup of coffee every morning, you begin to become addicted.  

About a month ago I decided that I really needed to give up the caffeine.  It started with a weekend day where I had a headache all day long and realized that I had not had a cup of coffee in the morning and it hit me, I was officially addicted to caffeine.  I won't lie, its tough to give up the caffeine.  If you can just get over the headaches and tiredness, you start to feel muuuuuuuch better!

With all this cold winter weather we've had lately, I've really been missing coffee.  I decided that I should look for some decaf coffee.  Not just an ordinary decaf coffee, it had to be vanilla flavored.  :)  Haha!  Target had nada, Bed Bath and Beyond had some K-Cups in vanilla decaf but I really wanted to try and save up some money instead of wasting my money on 15 K-Cups (even though I would still use a coupon.)  While walking around Dierbergs (a local grocery store) the ONLY vanilla decaf coffee was the Dierbergs brand and I thought, "what the heck, just try it".  You know what, it is awesome!!  It tastes the exact same but with way less caffeine in regular coffee.  I use 2 scoops of regular sugar and some creamer and I am in heaven every weekday morning.  :)

Let's raise our cups of coffee for a toast to giving up caffeine!!
Decaf vanilla coffee in my "Cat Table of Contents" cup!

Have you ever become addicted to caffeine and tried to quit?  
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Linnea said...

My husband and I recently started drinking decaf only because it was bothering him. I feel better without it too! Though, I haven't given up a daily diet soda.

Jen said...

You can do it! I haven't had caffeine since June and I feel so much better.

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