Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Blue and Green Cake with Dinosaurs

I hope those of you who had a 3 day weekend enjoyed your's as much as I did!  I decided to take a break on Monday on blogging also.  I really meant to post something, but the day just got away from me!

Saturday evening we went to Dave and Busters to celebrate my sister and brothers birthday with the family.  I made my their cake.  Jena requested a blue and green cake with blue icing and T-Rex dinosaurs on it.  And you know what, that is what she got!  The cake was a hit and tasted pretty good too!!  Andy and I played several games in the gaming area, but we always end up at the coin game.  You know, that game that you put a coin in the slot and it falls down and you want to push the coins down one level and onto the next level to get tickets?  We love that game and got my sister addicted to it years ago! 

Sunday during the day I took Andy to lunch to get his favorite, boneless chicken wings!!  We went to Wing Stop and I earned my wife points for the day!  :) 

Sunday night we went over to my brothers to celebrate Christmas with my dad, his wife Deb, my brother and his family and Andy and myself.  We opened presents (LOVE my Target gift card which I plan on saving for the time being) and ate delicious food.  Jackson and Claire were hamming it up for the camera so I got some cute shots me with with them.

Monday I met up with Ali for a Target shopping date.  It was so nice to browse Target with not that many people there and not feel rushed!  We have been addicted to Target since we were young (I'm talking like teenage years when we could walk to Target from our houses).  I picked up some awesome deals there too.  I then decided to pick my sister up and we shop a bit too.  We picked up lunch at Sonic (I always forget how delicious their Cherry Lime Aide's are, NOTE TO SELF OVER THE SUMMER) and then browsed Bed, Bath and Beyond and Old Navy.  Since it was such a nice day out yesterday we also took Keeley for a walk around my neighborhood.  She was a dog on top of the world with that walk!!  The rest of my day was spent on the couch, literally.....I was exhausted!  I caught up on TLC's "Bakery Boss", "Cake Boss", "Sister Wives" and "90 Day Fiance".  Exciting stuff, let me tell you.  :) 
Sisters waiting for our food.
We sent this photo to Mom who was sad she couldn't be there also.
 photo greysignature_zps937d4ad0.png


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The cake is awesome, it's so cute!

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