Monday, January 6, 2014

Are we in Alaska?!?

I am seriously starting to wonder if I am in Alaska for the past 2 days.  The temperature right now, -7.  No that is not a typo, negative 7 is the actual high temperature at the moment.  With the wind chill, -29 degrees!  YIKES!!

Friday night, Andy and I went out to get the animals some more food.  We decided to switch up Keeley's food since she has problems with itching and scratching at all time.  We have brought this is up with her vet several times and was prescribed a medication for her to take.  Honestly, I am not a fan of keeping an animal on medication.  Maybe it's because I worry about everything, but if it could be as simple as changing her food and the scratching goes away, then I am game!  We talked to the cashier at Pet Co and she suggested to us, Natural Balance food.  She said that some dogs are allergic to winged animals (chicken and duck) and suggested that we try out lamb for her to eat.  When we came home we mixed the new food with her old food.  She LOVED the new food!  She even went out of her way to eat all of the new food and left the old food to eat at a later time.  So far we have seen no issues with her eating the new food.  Here's hoping this works and no more medication!

Saturday I spend the majority of the day with my friend Ali!  We had a Chick Fil A date, went over to Kohl's (which was pretty crowded) and then went out to the mall to do a little more shopping.  I picked myself up some fleece pants that were on clearance.  3 pairs for $19!  I then realized that they are fleece leggings, even better!!!  I've spent the last 2 1/2 days in them and am obsessed!!!  :)  Saturday night we ordered in pizza and watched a movie, an awful movie at that!  It was called, "Take Shelter" and I HIGHLY suggest not watching it.  

Sunday was spent in jammies, watching movies, eating left over pizza, sewing, and laundry.  It was a good day to spend inside because of the blizzard conditions that we were experiencing.  I don't exactly know the amount of snow we received because of the wind.  I think we got around 8-10 inches.  We shoveled 3 times and with the wind blowing, it didn't help.  St Louis pretty much shut down, and I am not exaggerating.  The malls closed, the movie theaters closed, we were ordered not to drive on the road ways, etc. 

This morning we woke up to extreme cold and it was decided that I work from home today.  As long as my meeting is cancelled, then I am working from home all day.  That means, 2 laptops, a huge screen TV, 2 animals and a heating blanket while I work.  I think I can handle this.  Please hope that my meeting is cancelled so I don't have to attempt to drive in these horrible road conditions.  

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Elise @ Cheers Yall said...

Holy moly cold! I'm not even sure if I know what cold that cold feels like!!!! xx

Jen said...

Goodness that is cold! Yikes!

Becky M said...

We have the cold temps too - not fun at all! Time for some hot chocolate!

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