Friday, June 28, 2013

Five for Friday #12

Dear Friday, thank you for being here today.  My sanity thanks you very much! :) 

Last night was pretty low key, Andy figured out that our door bell wasn't working anymore (we had the first inspection on our basement and the inspection guy "rang" the door bell and knocked but Andy never heard a thing, probably because our door bell wasn't hooked up anymore), never fear, we had it fixed in no time.  :)  Dinner was at the lovely Steak n Shake.....I was starving and by the time the door bell was working again, it was 6:30pm which is really late for dinner for me.  So Steak n Shake it was.  Boy was it delicious too!!  :) 

Okie doke, lets get to this week 5!  I will admit, I wanted to post more than 5 photos, so you all get to enjoy 9 photos this Friday!  :) 

  1. Last Friday, Keeley was so excited that Andy had come home from work, that she jumped up on the couch and landed on my neck/head.  I had a good red scratch thing going for the last week.
  2. How awesome are these chairs!  They are outdoor chairs for a patio or deck.
  3. Andy thought they were comfy too!
  4. And then we saw the price tag........
  5. This is where Keeley lays while I am in the bathroom.  She's a good guard dog.
  6. Keeley waiting patiently while I get ready for bed.  She hangs out on the bed.
  7. Smokey decided to lie on the clean laundry.....what else is new.  I love the color blue in his eyes!
  8. When you say, "Keeley, want to go on a walk?"  Her ears stick, straight up and she gets really excited!!
  9. I was clipping coupons Tuesday after work and Smokey decided he needed to help me. He's such a great helper.  LOL

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Jen said...

Ouch that's a pretty good size scratch!

Z said...

Boy, thats scratch looks nasty Jessica. Ew follower here. xo-Z

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