Monday, June 10, 2013

Five for Five #21

Good Monday Morning!

My morning started off differently this morning for that fact that I was "taking" care of 2-14 year old's last night and this morning.  I say "taking" care of with quotes because lets face it, there is no "taking" care of to do with 14 year old's.  They were awesome and I didn't have one problem with them at all.  It helps that they are my sister and brother.  :)  Today is their "official" first day of High School.  They start summer school gym today just like I did 14 years ago.  OK so typing out 14 years ago, made my heart skip a beat thinking about that long ago.....Jena and Joe were only 1 then.  HA!

Thanks to Jenn and Jessica for this fabulous link up as always!!

Yello = Semi-completed

June 3-7th
  1. Work out 3 times this week OK, so the story here, I didn't exactly get to the gym last week BUT I have been making sure to take Keeley out to walk everyday last week when it wasn't raining.  In fact, my fitbit numbers have been quite excellent.  So no, I did not exactly workout but I did make sure to get in lots of walks around the neighborhood at night. 
  2. Walk on lunch at least 2 times this week  I walked 3 days last week on lunch!!
  3. Get more green foods in my diet.   Did excellent on this goal and then the weekend came and so did NO green food.  Here's to starting this week off good again.  :)  
  4. Start typing instructions on how to run payroll at my work.  I started this on Monday and abandoned it the rest of the week.  Time to get going on this once again.
  5. Keep sewing on my cross stitch.  I did sew on my cross stitch AND I was using the sewing machine this weekend!  Go me!
Dang, what a great week it was for me!!

Let's see what's in store for this week for me:

June 10-14th

  1. Work out 2 times this week in the gym, starting today (Monday)
  2. Walk at work 4 times this week!  It's suppose to be a great week with no rain.  Here's hoping the rain stays away today.  It's quite cloudy out right now.
  3. Finish the laundry up.  Just need to move the towels from washer to dryer and then fold and put away.  Let's make this a Monday goal also!
  4. Start cleaning out the closet/dresser.  I've have clothes in there that I have not touched in quite some time and it's time for them to move out.
  5. Keep on sewing!


Jen said...

I count walking the dog as exercise! :)

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