Thursday, June 13, 2013

Couch Blob

Yep, that was me last night.  You can call me the couch blob!  :)  OK so I didn't sit on the couch the entire night, but most of the evening was spent there.  Andy was out of town for work and I was spending time at home with Keeley and Smokey.  The night before I spent time with my family so I felt it was important to be home last night and spend some time with the fur-babies.  I had read earlier in the day the threat for bad weather up north in the Chicago area and as bad as this sounds, all I thought was, "thankfully we are not in the threat right now".  But silly me didn't think about Andy being in Chicago...DUH!!  He actually was driving home from Chicago and got stuck in the storm.  There was no tornadic weather in his area, thankfully, but it was a scary site to see this radar image of approximately where he was:

I would like to report that Andy did make it home safe and sound late last night (around 11pm) and exhaustively got himself out of bed this morning at 5:45am to get ready to go into the office.  As crabby as he may be today, I am proud of him for providing for myself and our home.  

I did manage to get Keeley out of the house for a walk around the neighborhood last night.  I was trying to wait for the sun to go down a little bit before we went out because it was just so gosh darn hot outside (heat index of 100 degrees yesterday) We went walking around 7pm and I swear it wasn't any cooler.  Just 5 minutes into our walk I was sweating and Keeley was panting.  We did manage to get the entire neighborhood in though, but a shower was A MUST before I even stepped foot into bed.  

I remembered that last night was the finale of Real World Portland.  Why you ask am I still watching that trash?  Seriously, I am asking myself right now.  Last week they had left off with a To Be Continued because 2 of the cast members were fighting (physically).  I wanted to see if MTV would be smart and take the cast member off of the show.  She sucker punches, closed handed from behind on the back of the other cast mates head.  

All fighting I think is not right, but when the fight is over and you both go your ways and then however many minutes or hours go by and that person just punches the other person for no reason, I think the person who threw the punch needs to go IMMEDIATELY!!  The stupid house holds a "vote" to see if this cast member should leave and most of the house says, NO.  Are you serious!?!!  Where were the producers to step in and make this cast member leave.  I know for a fact that in their clause that there is a no touching a housemate rule (they made other previous cast members leave for this very same reason).  It's really disgusting when you think about it because all those producers and MTV wanted was ratings (which unfortunately, they got from me....), they didn't care about those house mates well-


Anyways, I also wanted several episodes of, "I'm Having Their Baby".
I'm Having Their Baby
It's a pretty touching show to witness these women who selflessly give up their baby for whatever unselfish reason.  If you ever get a chance to catch this show on the Oxygen network, I highly recommend it.  

Today, my car goes back into the dealership to fix the sunroof once's really getting old taking the car into the dealership a 4th time since we got it last year on July 2nd.....Let's hope it actually gets fixed this time and NO more issues with this car, PLEASE NO MORE ISSUES!!!

OK, I think that is it for today.  2 posts out for the day and lots of ranting on this one.


Jen said...

Wow she seriously punched her?! What is wrong with people.

Angie said...

I don't have Oxygen, but I really want to watch the show.

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