Thursday, June 20, 2013

Throwback Thursday#4 / Crummy week...

I am so ever thankful that it is Thursday already....What a week it has been.  It all started Monday morning when I forgot my keys to get into my office building.  Saturday night when I went out I switched purses and put my work keys/house keys in the purse.  Reason being, our garage code thing is finicky and doesn't like to work all of the time, so instead of potentially being locked out of our house the entire night, I thought I would bring my keys.  Well, silly me forgot to take the keys out of the purse I used Saturday night and back to the purse I have been using on a daily basis.  I realized I didn't have keys when I was about 2 minutes from work (I live 40 minutes away without traffic).  So, I sat in my car for the next hour until the next person came in.  Fun fun!!

Playing with the camera in the car and then Pinterest for the remainder of my wait.
Isn't that idea cute, I have some HUGE cork boards in my basement and might have to use that idea one day!

Monday afternoon they were calling for rain and potential thunderstorms.  Around 2 pm a thunderstorm hit St Louis.  I was at my desk working when I start to see the window sill leaking.  It started with one drip, then two, three, four........I counted at most 10 separate "water falls".  I am talking streams of water.  I wedged 2 trashcans and a bucket in my window sill to catch the falling waterfall.  Maintenance comes to my office to see the mess, he goes outside, slams the outside door and causes the 2 trashcans and bucket to un-wedge themselves from the window sill and onto myself, the "carpeted floor", my desk and all of my paperwork.....needless to say I was not impressed.  I did get a good laugh at it though and was thanking my lucky stars this happened at the end of my day because if this happened at 9 AM, I would have called it a day and went home.  I cleaned up what I could, moved my computer, monitor, and accessories to the floor where it was dry and hoped the rain would stop soon.  We put a fan on the floor so that it would dry overnight and I could continue to work the next morning in my office.  

Tuesday morning, I walk into my office and see a wet floor with no fan running and the air conditioning turned off, and the lovely smell of say I wasn't thrilled was an understatement.  In fact, I was quite angry.  I called maintenance  got another fan to put on the floor, they moved my desk out so that everything could dry out and I moved my desktop upstairs to a vacant office (thank god I'm computer savvy because our IT guy is out on vacation this week).   After 9 hours of the fans on the floor, it was finally dry enough.  I left my office in shables and said I would take care of it Wednesday morning.

Wednesday morning, called maintenance to help move my desk to a new corner (yeah, right, there was no way my desk was going in the same spot so I could continually have leaking water all over my stuff.....).  I now face a wall instead of a window and you know what, I'm ok with that because I'd rather be safe than sorry.  I can see out of my other window, its just to my left instead of in front of me.  I think I have way more room now and can actually cross my legs under my desk since I moved the computer to the other side of my desk.  Sometimes I like change, and I see this as a positive one (trying with the glass half full here people...LOL)  
Top photo: my desk now.  I feel like it's so much cleaner now and less claustrophobic
Bottom left photo: notice the heater, its on.  And the exercise ball that you're suppose to sit on, well it makes for a good foot rest.  :)
Bottom right photo:  Where my desk use to sit in front of.  The chairs were placed over there instead.  

 Needless to say, I am ready for the weekend!!!  But, my week is not over yet.  In fact, I have 5 interviews scheduled for the remainder of the week.  2 on Thursday, 3 on Friday....(I hate interviewing on Friday.....but really needed to get these people in and get some hired, so I had no choice.)

Let's get to Throwback Thursday:

The Story of Us

My sister and I, 2000
I want to say, we were playing around on the computer in our computer room at my parents old house and my dad took this photo of us.  Jena looks so little here and I look, well different.  HAHA!  I didn't grow my hair out until freshman year, so probably right around this time I started to grow the hair out.  Notice the stupid hair clips in my hair.....I always got trouble from people wearing those.  They were a staple hair item for several years.  In fact, my friends grandma got me to stop wearing them one day.  Not sure what exactly she said to me to make me stop wearing them, but it worked.  :)  It took about a year/ year and a half for my hair to get really long.  

Whew, what a post today.  Glad I got it all out and was able to share with ya'll what happened.  Ready for the weekend, sleeping in, shopping, cleaning the house (not fun but a fact of life) and swimming.  I need to work on this ghost white complexion I've got going for me.


Amy said...

Wow, what a week you've had. Glad you got your desk all put back together and it ended up working out better for you. Love your throw-back Thursday picture. :-) Thanks so much for being a loyal "Throw-back Thursday" linker-upper. ;-)

Ali said...

There's always next week. Hopefully it's MUCH better. ; ) And that Pinterest idea is adorable.

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