Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Weekend Recap #6

I had every intention on recapping my weekend for you all, and sat here for about 5 minutes and could not figure out what I did last weekend.....sad, but true.  So, I thought I would do a photo dump from the weekend for you all to see just what my weekend was all about.

Whenever I say to Keeley, "Want to go on a walk".  I get these ears and that face.  She LOOOOOOVVVVEEEESSSSS to walk!

Friday steps, I wasn't even trying and hit over 10,000 steps.

We washed the cars and took them up to the gas station to vacuum out.  I decided that I wanted a slushie.  YUM!!  Cherry slushie to be exact.

Smokey is cuddled up in Andys legs and Keeley is hanging out next to him.

Keeley was done "sharing" Andy

A close up on Smokey cuddling.

"Hey Mom, I like donuts"

"Hey Mom, I like donuts too!"

Yes you see this right, I have an audience by both the dog AND the cat!

Keeley and I on Sunday, ignore my frizzy hair.

Keeley decided to make herself comfortable on Jena's lap Sunday night.

Smokey "helping" me sew

He is seriously eating those fabric corners.  I had to take them away from him

 Smokey climbing a mountain

Smokey just making himself comfortable wherever he see's fit.


Jen said...

That's a lot of steps! Good job. :)

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