Monday, July 1, 2013

Weekend Recap #8

Well hello there July, I will welcome you with open arms, along with this GORGEOUS weather you have brought with you (high in the mid 80's for the next 5 days, and the past 2 days).  For most people this is a short week, for me, I get Thursday off (very thankful for that), BUT I have to go in Friday (need to save my vacation and personal time), so a big BOO to that!  But oh well.  I've got to earn those monies and save my time.  :)  

Friday - 
Our evening was pretty boring.  Andy had a rough day at work and I thought I would earn some good wife points by mowing the lawn for him.  (I'll go ahead and pat myself on that back for that one).  Dinner was the ever boring Chicken Patty's.  I wasn't in the mood to cook and my stomach wasn't feel too well that day.  That evening was spent by taking Keeley on a walk and just watching TV.  Nothing too serious.  :) 

Saturday - 
I met my bestest friend Ali at Chick Fil A for our lunch date with her son Sam.  He LOOOOOOOVES playing at their play place and we can still get some girl talk in while he can play his little heart out.  :)  Eating chicken nuggets in-between running around in the play area.  That afternoon I decided to do some window shopping and went into Old Navy.....BIG mistake.  They were having the $1 flip flop deal.  The line to check out was out of this world!  There is NO way I would stand in a line that long just for $1 flip flops.  I'll pay the full price of $2.50 for them.  HAHA!  My weather app informed me earlier in the week that rain was a real possibility for the weekend, but it just hadn't come that morning or afternoon.  So off I went to my mama's house for some swim time.  Of course, I get in my swim suit, all ready to get into the pool and it starts to rain.....yeah that's my luck.  BUT luckily the clouds were moving really fast and the rain stopped and into the pool I went.  My sister and I had a great time in the pool without the boys.  :)  We went out to dinner with Andy's parents and picked up some Dairy Queen blizzards, mine was the Heath Bar.  :)  We came home with the ice cream and watched, Finding Nemo!  His parents had never seen the movie!  Love, love, LOVE that movie!!  :)  
That's my parent's dog, Jet.  He loves the pool!!  
His sister, Jaz, not so much.  :) 

Sunday - 
The shopping day.  Post office, lunch at 54th Street Grill, Target and then Dierbergs.  We got a LOT done that day.  Felt very accomplished, but exhausted in the end.  I ran all 3 loads of our laundry that needed to be cleaned and helped cook dinner.  Dinner was bbq hamburgers, grilled corn on the cobb, salad, and mac n cheese.  YUM!  I also made 2 loaves of angel food cake (I don't have an angel food cake pan).  I could seriously eat my body weight in angel food cake.  :) 


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Sounds like a wonderful and busy weekend! :)

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