Monday, August 25, 2014

"Last Week" of Summer

Can you all believe that summer is almost over and Labor Day weekend starts in just 4 days (not counting today)?? It seriously boggles my mind that summer is almost over, we go into the fall season and I will be having a baby really any day now. Seriously though, I'm ready to have this baby....this pregnancy thing is starting to get old. The back aches, the upset stomach, the random cramps and jolts of pain, and the wondering of when our little man will be here is just taking a toll on me. 

My weekend was fine, nothing too eventful or thrilling, which is fine by me. Friday night Andy and I went out of dinner and I made him stop by Taco Bell on the way home just for a Dr Pepper Vanilla Float slushie. Weird? Probably, but I don't care, it was delicious. 
We also stopped by Walmart that night. I wanted to look for some cheapy receiving blankets. Reason being, I wanted the baby to use 2 of them and then for Andy to bring a blanket home for Smokey and Keeley do they can get use to his scent before we arrive home. I wanted cheapy blankets because if they year them up then I wouldn't be mad. Of course, being the hormonal pregnant girl that I am, I couldn't decide on a pack of blankets and walked out empty handed. 

Saturday was a day of cleaning around the house. My stamina and energy are pretty much non-existent right now.  I did manage to get our clothes washed, a load of towels done, and some new baby clothes washes!  Success!!  I also did some other cleaning up around the house, but I just can't remember it all, and lets be honest, you all don't care.  :)  Andy and his dad were able to get a couple random things done around our house, including hanging the photo frames and hanging the baby monitor!!  That means that the baby room is complete and I need to get photos ASAP before he is here and his room is no longer in "new" status.  LOL!

Sunday I went out with my mama to Babies R Us for my more than likely final run before baby!  I really wanted to head to Target, but the thought of walking around another store didn't sound so fun.  My brother Jack is back at Mizzou for his second year and we were driving his car around yesterday.  He doesn't like to drive at Mizzou so that's why we had his car.  My mom thought she was being helpful by telling me what house is hers, so me being a smart-alack, I parked the car crooked in her driveway so her neighbors thought she was weird.  She went inside to grab something and that is when I turned the car even more crooked in the driveway.  I made my sister get out and take a photo.  She died laughing when she walked out of the garage.

Andy and his dad were able to get the cat door in our basement door so that Smokey is able to go downstairs to use the litter box without us having the door constantly cracked open.  He's not to sure about the flap he has to use to go in and out of the door, so right now that's rigged up with yarn tied to it and the door handle.  So far he's doing good with it and he thinks he's extra sneaky with the garage door opening.

That evening we went to dinner with our neighbors and then Andy and I watched the VMA's. Let's sum up the VMA's with one word, shall we?  BORING!!!!  I even stayed up to see Beyonce performed and I was SO BORED!  Where were her classic songs?  Where was Destiny's Child??  

I'd like to share the other photos I took from the weekend.  Warning, they are mostly photos of the fur-babies....LOL!
This is how I have to drive home from work now....been this way for several weeks.  After sitting in my office chair all day long, my back hurts and the baby is kicking so it helps to put pressure there.  I don't know why.

I started up the yoga ball sitting at work and at home....come on baby boy!!

Andy got a Guinness shake with his dinner on Friday night.  He was in heaven.  I really wanted to try a sip of it, but I didn't  That's where the Taco Bell slushie came in.  :)  

Keeley got a new squeeky toy and she was SOOOO excited for it!
We have one more new squeeky toy hidden away until we bring the baby home.  Yep, I'm bribing the animals....

Mirror, Carseat protector and base are installed!!

Me and the Keeleys Saturday morning!

After my shower Saturday morning, I was too tired to do my hair so I left it in the towel and laid down in bed with Keeley.  She didn't mind one bit!

Smokey has come and cuddled with me for the past 2 mornings!!  I missed his cuddles!

Keeley is ready for bed on Sunday night.

Smokey hanging out on his chair in the kitchen, watching the birdies fly by.

Smokey is "helping" me fold the towels.  Well more like holding them down.  :) 

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