Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Trying to keep it together

Oh my....I really am trying to keep it all together.  My due date is fast approaching, 22 days, and I am starting to freak out.  I am trying to keep everything in order at work and get our new girl trained as best as possible.  Then I try to get some things done, but every night before I leave, I have to send what I am in the middle of to my boss and our new girl so that I don't leave them in a lurch if I go into labor that night or over the weekend.  My boss is convinced that I am going to go into labor any day now.  In fact, she didn't think I would make it to payroll on Monday because I would be having the baby over the weekend.  Well now its Wednesday and still no baby.  

My sleep has been erratic and making me mostly exhausted because I just feel like I don't get enough, guess I really need to get use to it since I am not sleeping hardly at all once baby arrives.  I have been in such pain lately in my chest/rib cage area.  It's started on Monday and today it's worse than ever.  Just taking in a deep breathe hurts.

The media is really making me mad lately also.  I am a news reader on the internet and read what's going on in our world at least once daily.  In the last 2 weeks, I think I've gotten on a news source maybe once.  The issues in St. Louis are big ones and it's really irritating to read all these lies, fabrications and constant coverage as to what is going on in Ferguson.

Facebook is another media source that I am just getting plain tired of.  I am thiiiiiiiiiiis close to just deleting my account and stepping away from it.  There is always drama on there, someone is always complaining on there and it's a BIG source of negativity.  I know it's also a great resource of staying in touch with out of town relatives and friends, but the other drama is just making it hard for me to get on there.  Maybe I will just delete the app from my phone until the baby is born? I just don't know anymore.

I know there is a lot of complaining and whining on here today and I have been absent lately, but this is the reason why I haven't been blogging lately.  I have tons of ideas on what to blog about, it's just getting the motivation to get my posts posted.  

Today is my 37 week appointment and tomorrow I will be back for Baby Bump - Week 37 to update you all!  
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Linnea said...

I agree that the media is so sad lately. I deleted my FB a few years ago for similar reasons. Keep smiling friend, almost there!

Jen said...

I am on the fence about deleting my FB just gets old after a while.

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