Thursday, August 21, 2014

Bump Date - 37 Weeks!

How far along: 37 Weeks!!
21 days to go till my due date!

Baby Size: The size of a swiss chard, weighs around 6 1/3 pounds, and is a bit more than 19 inches long.

Weight gain:  12 pounds 
(lost 2 pounds from last week, doctor's office confirmed as well)

Maternity clothes: mostly all maternity, nothing new here

Stretch marks: finding more stretch marks at the bottom of my belly.  He is totally dropping everyday, it is very obvious!
Sleep: so so, just depends on the day
Gender: Baby BOY!!

Movement: all the time, doesn't matter as much what time of the day it is!  Sometimes the movement really hurts too

Best moment this week: the weekly doctor appointment I guess....I mean its always great to hear that heartbeat and to know that he is growing on track and that I'm progressing more, but the actual process of being checked for progression, not so fun.  LOL!  I guess I should just prepare myself for more, not so fun moments until he is born because it's going to get worse :) 
Looking forward to: baby boy to be here!!!

Food cravings: McDonalds......Tuesday I went for lunch and got a cheeseburger, medium fry and iced tea (WORTH IT!!!)
  Anything making you queasy or sick: just feeling really full and its getting hard to eat with the baby growing more and more everyday
Labor Signs: some braxton hicks,  lots of pain in my ribs/stomach region (it feels like it is all bruised in the inside), back pain, exhaustion, nesting 
What I miss: not feeling like I got the crap kicked out of hurts to breathe and cough.
Symptoms: read whiny moments

Nursery: just finish the frames and we are good to go for the nursery.  Obviously they are not important to bring the baby home too, but it's good to get it done before he is here.  We set the pack n play up in our room on Saturday but I am not sure where I want him to sleep when we bring him home.  So if he isn't sleeping in our room, then he's going to the crib and the pack n play goes downstairs.  :) 

Belly Button in or out? flat with my stomach

Wedding rings on or off? On!  

Mood: cranky, sleepy, irritated, emotional, anxious.....

  • 21 days....OMG!  
  • I am ready for him to be here!  Let's go Baby Boy!!
  • The bags packing department is getting better!  In fact, I am ready to go at the moment. There are some things that I need to pack, but that will be something I will have to do at that moment that we need to leave for the hospital.  So we should be good to go. Although, I just remembered, I need to find that robe I purchased a couple months ago.....
  • I tested positive for Group B Strep which means I won't be able to labor at home for as long as I'd like, which is kind of a bummer.  But whatever is the safest for me and baby is all I really care about!
  • I'm back to losing weight and I'm not really surprised.  This baby feels so big inside me and there isn't much room for food and sometimes it's hard to breathe.  3 weeks feels like an eternity when you are having chest pain.
  • Doctor isn't concerned with weight loss either, they say it can be normal in the 3rd trimester because you just don't have a lot of room for food.
  • I'm really going to miss this "rock hard" belly!  I am not a tight shirt wearing kind of girl because of my self-consciousness, but this pregnancy has been fantastic because I don't feel self-conscious.  Back to the flab, but then I can stare at a cute baby, so it's a good trade off.  :) 
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Jen said...

You still look amazing! He is going to be here before you know it. :)

Linnea said...

I agree with Jen, you look amazing!! :)

StephTheBookworm said...

Sounds like any day now the baby might be here! I don't even want to know what they do at the appointments to check on progress yet. Only 18.5 weeks so blissfully unaware still haha!

Ali said...

yes - you look awesome!! Love the pic! (and I looooooved that shirt). hard baby tummies rule. ; )

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