Friday, August 8, 2014

Half Day Friday!!

There is nothing like the feeling of working a half day on a Friday.  Ok, well really the best feeling is the entire day off, but the next best thing is only working a half day!  :) 

Today is our last baby shower to celebrate this little boy.  It is being thrown by Andy's work and I am excited for it!  I'm also a little nervous just because I won't really know anyone there besides Andy, but it will be good.

With the thought of my last baby shower and it is Friday, that means that it's another week down and another week closer to meeting our little guy.  Not going to lie, insert panic for a brief second.  Ok, back to breathing again.  I just cannot believe that these last 35 weeks have flown by and we are so close to meeting him!  We took a tour of the hospital Tuesday after work and it made me feel a little better seeing the rooms and where I would be delivering at.  Andy felt way better knowing where we were and the layout of the hospital.  This hospital is a bit A LOT smaller than the original hospital I was going to deliver at.   

I still need to pack a hospital bag.  In fact, I am going to make that a priority to get done this weekend.  Obviously I cannot pack everything right now, but at least I will have some things ready to go.  I still don't have a "going home" outfit that I want him to wear home yet either.  It's tough because I just don't know how big or how small he will be.  I have some newborn outfits and some 3 month outfits so I will probably bring a size of each.  

Andy and I have been really concentrating on completing our "List of Stuff To Do Before Baby Arrives".  It had been sitting on our dry erase board for weeks and finally we started working on it last weekend.  I plan on posting next week about what we've accomplished and what else needs to be done.  :) 

Dinners in our house have been pretty pathetic lately.....sorry Andy.  Last night we had grilled cheese and tomato soup (its was a rainy, dreary day), the night before was a whatever night.  I really want to get back into cooking, but the energy and desire just isn't there.  

Smokey and Keeley are doing good.  Smokey is in LOVE with the glider/recliner in the baby room and thinks it's his.  Sadly he is mistaken.  But he is more than welcome in keeping the glider warm for me when I am not using it to feed the baby.  Keeley is dealing with allergies once again.  We really thought we figured them out with changing her food and not seeing her scratch and bite her paws for a good 7 months and now we are back to her scratching and itching once again.  I really wish there was something we could do besides giving her medicine all the time.  We give her a bath once a week to try to help get whatever it is that is bothering her off her fur and skin.  

This weekend we will be celebrating my niece's 3rd birthday on Sunday and I am so excited to see her and Jackson.  Jackson started his first day of Kindergarten on Wednesday and LOVED it!  I can't wait to hear all about it from him.

Well that should catch you all up with me for now.  Until Monday, I wish you all A GREAT WEEKEND!!

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Christin Theiss said...

Your lucky to be working half day today! I work all day and all weekend for that matter -_- lol... & Yay for husbands work throwing a baby shower! They did that for my first child, I hope they do it again for this one seeing as how it's a girl this time. Have a great weekend ! <3 Christin

Ali said...

Love this!

Jen said...

Enjoy your weekend my sweet friend! Hugs!

StephTheBookworm said...

Aww your pup has allergies? :( I just took Dakota to the vet last week because I discovered a raw bald spot on his belly after he yelped when I tried to pick him up. His vet said he is allergies and gave him a cortisone shot and some pills to take for a few weeks. He is 7 and has never had this problem before! Has Keeley always had allergies?

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