Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Day in the Life of Me! (Before Baby)

I keep seeing these float around all over the "blogosphere" and thought I should do one of these before baby, during maternity leave and then after maternity leave and back at being a working mommy!

Tuesday, 8/26/2014

5:20am - I roll myself out of the bed and into the bathroom. Keeley follows me into the bathroom and lies down in my closet while I shower.  Smokey sometimes graces us with his presence in the bathroom and other times I shut him out of the bedroom.  If I don't shut the door with the cat either in the bathroom or in the hallway, he will continue to meow and it will make Andy disgruntled.  I don't blame him though, who wants to listen to a cat meow for a good 40 minutes.... Today Smokey decided to be with Keeley and I in the bathroom. 

5:50am - Andy normally gets up and starts to get ready for work, today however; he get's to work from home.  So, it's just me and the animals.

5:55am - I pack a bag of "In case my water breaks" clothes.  It includes a t-shirt, comfy shorts, underwear, a couple pads and a waterproof pad to put down on the car seat for me to drive me to home or pick up Andy from work.

6am - I am dressed and walking downstairs with Keeley and Smokey.  Smokey gets fed first and then Keeley gets to go outside and go potty.  I then pack my lunch, get breakfast assembled for work, put some fruit in a bowl (today is apple slices) so I can eat it in the car and get a cup of water all ready to go.

6:10am - I take Keeley outside one more time before I leave.  While she is doing her business, I am loading the car up with my purse and work bag.

6:15am - I leave the house and head towards work.  If Andy is with me, I drop him off first and then head to my work.  He normally gets dropped off at 6:40am and then I get to work right at 7am.

7am - I clock in at work.  I then check my mailbox for any paperwork and head upstairs to my office.  I start my day off with sitting on my yoga ball and bounce till about 8am.  I check my email and start to work on whatever is on my "list".

7:30am - snack time because the apples don't hold me off for very long.  Today's breakfast snack is Special K's Pastry Crisps in "Berry Streusel"

12pm - Lunchtime!  Today I needed to get out to get gas in the orange car and then to CVS to get some more BB cream.  I love the BB cream for the days where you want some makeup on, but you don't want to feel like you have a ton on.

1pm - 3:30pm - More work and phone calls and putting out fires or taking care of something that someone needs like yesterday

3:30pm - I leave work and head home.  If it's a day of Andy and I carpooling, then I go to his work, get him around 3:45pm and we get home around 4:30(ish)  

4:10pm - I am home.  Keeley heard me pull up in the driveway and was super excited, so Andy let her out and she was jumping up on me and whining.  She loves me, what can I say? 

4:30pm - I am on the couch.  I am having some contractions and am plain exhausted.  Andy and I decide to watch an episode of "Undercover Boss".  My eyelids begin to open and close throughout the entire episode. 

5:45pm - I finally decide to get off the couch, change out of my dress and into comfy clothes. We are headed over to Andy's parents house because Andy's grandpa came in town the night before.

6pm - We are on the road with Keeley in the backseat.  I finally settle on stopping at Burger King for dinner......nothing sounds good and I needed to eat something.  It wasn't very good if you were wondering.

Happy National Dog Day to my favorite girl!
Andy went inside to get us Burger King and Keeley watched until he came out of the restaurant.

6:30(ish)pm - We arrive at Andy's parents house.  Keeley is excited to see everyone and their dog Shadow.  We spend the time just talking and hanging out.  Keeley and Shadow play for a bit too.

8pm - I am pooped and ready to go.  I start to feel really crummy again.  My lower back is killing me and my stomach is turning.  If someone offered me ice cream right then and there, I would have denied you. (Ice cream is my kryptonite....)

8:30pm - We are home and I decide to take a bath to help with the back pain.

9pm - I am in bed and ready for some sleep.  Keeley loves that time of evening when we say to her, "Let's go to bed".  Andy has to work a little bit from home, so Keeley takes his place in bed.  She loves lying there when he is not there.  She's my little protector.  

9:30pm - The phone is turned off and I turn over to fall asleep.  It does not take me long at all to fall asleep.
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StephTheBookworm said...

Great post! I look forward to seeing your next day in the life posts! My back has been killing me for the past 3 days. I went to the doctor yet later day but all was fine! I know you said yours is bad too. When did it start acting up? I'm only 19 weeks!

StephTheBookworm said...

Yesterday.* yay autocorrect. ;)

Jen said...

I love these day in the life posts!! :) They are fun to read.

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